Espier Launcher

Espier Launcher

To all the Android enthusiasts out there.. Don’t you agree iOS has a better GUI and UX then Android? Aren’t you jealous of  your friends who own iDevices? Don’t you ever think, probably the Android openness could be combined with iOS’s great features? You agree or not, I still would like to introduce to you Espier Launcher!

It’s a class apart Launcher when compared to all others present out there.. It provides a classic iPhone-ish look to your Android OS and it does it very neatly. Great thing is, Espier Launcher is available in two versions, one for Android 2.1 and other for Android 2.2 or higher. So without wasting much of your time.. let’s consider some great functionality it inculcates in Android.


The GUI and UX

To begin, it’s just a install away. You install it from Android Market and done.. Following is the result after installation:

Espier Launcher GUIAnd the first expression after installing it is, did I just installed iOS on my Android device 😮 ?

App Switcher

If iOS like GUI is not enough to convince you to use this Launcher, then we also have iOS like user experience. Who can forget the official app backgrounding functionality which was launched in iOS 4 for the first time, same has been integrated with Espier Launcher. Just swipe your finger towards up and you’ll see the App Switcher Tray which will show you all your recently used apps. You can swipe left to get more applications or right to get power control widget. You can even long hold icons in App Switcher Tray to make them jiggle and tap on the red button to remove them from the tray. Following snapshots show you the perfect view of how it works:

Spotlight Search

If you are still not impressed, read on.. Spotlight feature that is actually very useful in iOS is ported to Android as well through this launcher. So next time you want to search something on your Android, just swipte the screen all the way to right and tada… you have the spotlight waiting for you. It will help you search your contacts, messages, applications, games and everything! Here’s Spotlight in Action:



If you are still not satisfied and want more.. well then this is the feature that will drop you on your knees to thank the developer of Espier Launcher! Folders, yes Espier Launcher provides you the exact replica of folders feature.. as they are in iOS. Not only does it copy the folders feature, it also copies the way they work. You long-tap an icon to make it jiggle, and then drag it on top of another icon to convert it into a folder, this is same as it is in iOS devices. Moreover you can even change folder’s name. Well this is one feature you’ll surely love 🙂



Download Espier Launcher 2.2 or higher here or Espier Launcher 2.1 here

Bottom Line

If you are an Android fan but still at the bottom of your heart adore iOS for it’s unique GUI and UX can you can surely try it out.. Though once you tap an app/game the mirage disappears, but hey, it’s just another skin and it does it’s job pretty well.

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