[Exclusive] Pokki: A Mac-Store type App-Store for PC (Installation and Walk-through)

So you always admired Apple’s App Store for Mac OS, iPhones and all other iDevices? Wanted one for Windows as well?

I am sure after reading this post you’ll love me <3 and would die to say thanks for my awesome work :p!

Let me introduce all TheGeekDaily.com Readers with POKKI a new App-Store exclusively for PC users with Web-Based POKKIS (kind of small HTML 5 driven application), Yes you heard that right, An APP STORE for WINDOWS USERS. Now even you can show off some really cool stuff on your PC to those Proud MAC Users.

POKKI is an application store and a new Java based platform for PC that is no doubt inspired by Apple’s MAC-Store!

SweetLabs co-founder Chester Ng says

What we saw as developers and users were these fantastic app experiences on mobile and tablets that make it easy for consumers to discover and install apps in one-click, and easy for developers to distribute their apps, But, ironically billions of consumers spend a majority of their waking hours on the desktop, and the desktop experience is prehistoric.”

POKKI is tailored keeping in mind convenience of Users and do not occupy much space on your UI, memory or a lot of processor power. POKKI will get installed automatically for the first time you install a POKKIS and then it’s just one click away to install any other POKKIS. In this Post, I’ll guide you through how to install this amazing application and use it through your way to be more productive, so let’s begin:

Installation Tutorial

Step 1) Visit POKKI’s Home Page.

Step 2) Select any POKKIS that you would like to use, in our case, I have used “HEADLINES” and click on Download.

Step 3) Click “RUN” when prompted as shown in above screenshot. This message appears because it’s a Java Based application and Java installer checks for Digital Signature.

Step 4) Upon clicking “Run” a setup will execute and ask for your permission to install POKKI on your computer, click “Continue”.

Step 5) Let the installer install Pokki from Internet, which would take around 5-15 mins depending upon your Internet Speed.

Step 6) Done! Installation is complete and on your task bar you’ll see two new icons viz. POKKI and HEADLINES.

Configuration of “Headlines”

This is even easier, just put in the RSS Feed URL and you are done! See the following images for demo:

TheGeekDaily.com Feed URL: http://feeds.feedburner.com/TheGeekDaily

That’s it.. Your feeds are ready to be updated automatically and at the ease of your desktop.

You can download any POKKI that you like, there are a classic choice of POKKIS available at POKKI.com! Try this app and leave your comments here with your views.

One thought on “[Exclusive] Pokki: A Mac-Store type App-Store for PC (Installation and Walk-through)

  • July 1, 2011 at 9:15 am

    cool… i use google reader for reading feeds and latest on the web, but this looks quite interesting.


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