cheap abdroid vs expensive android

There’s no question about that Android is the #1 Mobile OS because it comes in a wide price range from Rs.3000 to Rs.40,000. But what’s the difference between an expensive and cheap android phone.

cheap abdroid vs expensive android

1. Display

HTC one Bright Display

Most of the expensive Android comes with capacitive touch screen, Gorilla glass, Super AMOLED,scratch-proof display and Better sunlight legibility .

Where some low-cost android comes with resistant touch screen which is difficult to navigate but some cheap Android phones too come with capacitive touchscreen which is not as bright as expensive ones but is good enough to use.

2. Android OS

Usually Flagship phones, mostly comes with the latest Android OS which is now are ICS and JellyBean in the market and time to time receives latest OS updates.

And Cheap Android phones comes with the most popular Android 2.3 GingerBread OS. Though there are vendors who are launching the phones with ICS. But these phones do not receive major OS updates because of the limitation of hardware capability and specifications.

3. Camera

High-end versus low cost android CameraFlagship phones from different vendors is mostly equipped with 8 MP  rear camera,1.3 MP front facing camera, autofocus and flash which is present in  Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC ONE X, Motorola Droid 2 and Huawei Vision. But SONY, Xperia phones  usually comes with 10+ MP camera.

On the other hand phones between the range from Rs. 3000-10,000 comes with 2 MP, 3.2 MP and 5 MP which is good as far as the price is concern. But Android phones with 2 MP camera mostly don’t give the quality of 2MP, it is much like that you shot the picture from VGA camera.

4. Memory

High-end Android phones have 4GB,8GB,16GB and 32GB internal memory storage. But some expensive phones do not come with Micro SD slot which are HTC ONE X and Xperia ION which is a big disappointment for such expensive phones.

RAM of these phones are really off the chart which is 1GB and 2GB which is really useful for running many apps in the background without any glitch

Where on the other hand cheap Android RAM are packed with 100MB, 281MB and 356MB which is still good for running two or three apps in the background but switching from one app to other app usually add more waiting for the user to use that app.

Internal memory of these cheap phones are really low in some phones it is only 4-40MB, 121MB ,181MB and far most 256MB which does bother user of cheap android because most of the apps are installed in phone memory which in turns slows the phone.

5. Processor

Expensive phones are mostly equipped with dual core and quad-core processor which clocks at 1GHz, 1.6 GHz and 2GHz. On the other what you can expect from cheap android phones they are far most equipped with 800MHz. But Indian mobile vendors like Micromax and Karbonn launch there phones 1GHz processor which single processor which is really a tough competition to High-end phones.

6. Design

One thing is common in both the expensive and cheap android is that vendors do not compromises the design of phones. But the built quality of the phones differ like in some phone Aluminium body and in some low-cost plastic fibre is used.

7. Connectivity

In terms of connectivity there’s not much difference between expensive and low-cost android phones. The uncommon things that costly phones have NFC, Bluetooth 3.0, USB 3.0 and other sensors.

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