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facebook chat code generating tricks

These days many Facebook users are using chat codes to impress their friends while chatting. Chat codes are nothing but of simple codes which consist of numbers and square brackets which when used in Facebook chat boxes will automatically get converted in to an image bigger than the size of normally used smileys.

If you don’t know about them just check it, copy the below codes and paste them in chat box of anyone of your friend and hit enter. Within no time you will see an image. Those codes will get converted in to an images.

[[488167917880467]] [[488167924547133]] [[488167927880466]] [[488167921213800]] [[488167931213799]]
[[488168017880457]] [[488168027880456]] [[488168034547122]] [[488168031213789]] [[488168037880455]]
[[488168111213781]] [[488168114547114]] [[488168117880447]] [[488168124547113]] [[488168121213780]]
[[488168194547106]] [[488168191213773]] [[488168204547105]] [[488168201213772]] [[488168197880439]]
[[488168274547098]] [[488168277880431]] [[488168281213764]] [[488168287880430]] [[488168284547097]]

facebook chat code generator

How to create our own chat codes?

At first I have seen many people sharing few codes in their status and asking others to use them to get stunned, after that even few pages came into action in a purpose of just sharing the chat codes. After seeing all these stuff I went for a hunt on Google in to know how people are creating them on their own later I found a site where we can upload a picture and get codes within seconds for that particular image. Follow these steps to create your own chat codes for any image that you wish.

  1.  Go to http://smileychatcodes.com/facebook-smiley-chat-codes/
  2.  Click on the Upload button. Browse through your PC for the image for which you wish to get codes.. Click on get codes.
  3.  Wait for few seconds and it will create chat codes for your image. Now copy the codes and paste them in the chat box and hit enter. That’s it…! By following the similar procedure you can create codes for any image that your wish.

Create text Codes instantly

If you want wish your loved ones or friends on any occasion instead of just sending them a Facebook message with default text you can send them using interesting fonts. I know that it is very difficult to upload each and every text letter and then getting code of them to use in chat box. I have solution for you through which you can create “Text chat codes” for any text that you wish within seconds. Follow the steps to create text chat codes. Interesting thing is that you can use few font styles too, which will let you to differ font styles when you wish a same person after the first time.


  1.  Go to http://smileyti.me/
  2.  Type anything text for which you wish to generate the chat codes in the first input box provided.
  3.  Select any font style that you wish
  4.  In will display the chat code instantly without any delay and you can copy and use them in chat boxes.

Make any profile picture as a Facebook smiley.

This is very interesting trick, which allows you to use the profile picture of anyone as a Facebook smiley. No matter whether their profile is locked or in public you can use them as a Facebook smiley in the chat box. To do this all you need is the Facebook USERNAME of the person whose smiley you want to use. Let’s assume that the USERNAME is saicharan123 (mine 😛 ). To get my profile pic as a smiley all you need to do is just place it between double square brackets like this [[saicharan]] . Use it in the chat box and you will get my profile picture as a smiley. So now if you use others profile picture just by replacing “saicharan123” with others USERNAME in the double square brackets.

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