Facebook Home now available worldwide

Earlier when Facebook announced Facebook home it took me several hours to get the whole concept and in couple of days there were leaks of facebook home apk’s in the web which worked fine for a while but freezed for some people as it was available only in certain countries, from today facebook home is available worldwide! anyone can download and use this app from Google Play store.


The Good

Interesting UI:

For people who are bored with Samsung’s touchwiz or any other UI Facebook home will really be a change, I fell  in love at the instance it appeared on my screen. Even though the main screen and many features are facebook centric the UI is really eye catching, after several hours of usage It looked a little like “SF launcher” which too was very different having deep integration with Google now. As soon as the device is waked you will be seeing your facebook feeds and notifications, navigation of feeds looks little like Flipboard but its sleek and interesting, clicking on the feed you will be seeing the photo in the feed in zoom out effect. When you slide your profile picture there are only three widgets available, one,the facebook messenger and another one an app which you recently opened, the third one leads to your mobile applications displaying it in gridview, you can add apps which you use frequently just like SF launcher.



The messenger is really amazing, when you use facebook home and chat at same time you feel little different, it was weird for the first time but I loved it after some time. The threaded chat bubbles appear wherever you navigate (of course with an option to hide or delete). The option of moving the chat bubbles was really nice.


The Bad:

No widget support:

Facebook home does not allow you to use widget easily, I use widgets like torchlight,quaro etc frequently and the absence of widgets makes it really annoying. One has to sacrifice the mini tool which can be used to access favorite application.

Awful feeds:

As soon as you power the screen feeds starts pouring, luckily you can control it by option of amount (medium,less,high) and not by time interval so there is still question that in what interval it fetches feeds, user dont have control over this too. I enjoyed it at the beginning but it bored me a little later.On the other hand such app from twitter will be interesting as tweet rate are enormous and bit interesting than posts.

Less tweakable:

The settings or the tweaking option was very limited, I have more than 70 applications installed in my device with facebook home I was not able to access it quickly like earlier. Option like sorting and viewing type are absent which made my search time really long. Some other features like “Hide/show  application too was missing”

The Ugly:

No wakeup security:

If you use Facebook home don’t expect wakeup security features like pattern unlock or pin unlock because surprisingly it’s not working  most of the times. Even though you mention PIN/pattern security every time you power the screen swiping gives access to the mobile, this will be a serious problem for people who concern lot about privacy.

The bottom line: Facebook home is  really a nice effort, I personally thank heavens for not creating a new OS for mobile given dozens are there already in market. I recommand facebook home for people who are totally obsessed with facebook, for others well, you can try it once..It will be nice for some days eventually it will be boring as it lacks some very important feature like locking and app sorting. Facebook home for Apple and windows users will be arriving very soon.

You can download Facebook home via Android market from here.

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