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Here  are the 18 evergreen marketing  ideas to get more Facebook likes on your Facebook fan page. The list has been compiled from experience and putting these tips into practice is more recommended than buying Facebook ads.

Facebook marketing is not easy as it was once. Every company on the face of the earth value social media marketing and they have created specialized pages  for their brand . Competition has got stiffer and especially due to the recent Facebook updates making lesser number of Facebook fans to get the updates, the importance of power Facebook marketing has increased.

Facebook marketing is a wide subject which can be learned step by step by the trial and error strategies. I learned it like that and it took some good time to understand these basic things which I will shell out here. Trial and errors still the best method and you will continue learning the wide subject of social media marketing on Facebook by this method.

Here are some of the surefire Facebook marketing tips for the beginners to get the most out of your Facebook page.

1. Charming cover photo

Even if your Facebook page is of a brand or a website or a community, the first thing you need to have is a charming cover photo. The cover photo has to be in terms with the new Facebook terms and conditions and also has to be related to the niche you have.

You can go to Photoshop and design the bet infographic that best suits your brand or website. In fact, the  cover photo is the first thing any  user is going to see on your page and having a unique exciting cover photo will do wonders with the Facebook  page performance.

Facebook Page Marketing
Facebook Page Marketing

2. Unique profile picture

Apart from the custom cover photo, you also can include the profile picture on the Facebook page. It can be anything related to your brand. It can be the logo of your brand or it can be some mascot of your company. Every time you post something on your Facebook page, this cover photo will be displayed alongside the post and hence the cover photo should be used to create a sense of familiarity in the minds of the users’ about the brand.

Most of the popular brands prefer to use the logo as their profile picture.

Facebook Page Marketing
Facebook Page Marketing

3. Understand your audience

Before you start updating your Facebook page, you must have a general idea as to who your audience will be. You cannot create the post which will cater to the need s of all the sort of the audience. But instead your posts must be related to your niche and cater to the small groups of people related to that niche. Do not worry; the small group of people will slowly become bigger group if you follow this strategy of posting posts.

If your brand is related to cricket, do post the latest cricket updates on the Facebook page and also offer cricketing tips. Hence your audience will be the cricket fans who are most likely to be in the age groups of 12-40. So be relevant and try to post only related posts that cater to their likes and needs.

4. Be regular

To get the best possible results out of the Facebook pages, you need to be relevant and also be regular. You have to maintain a schedule to post daily on your Facebook page. Does not just post 3-4 post today and then go away. You need to be consistent in the number of posts you post daily and maintain that flow every day.

Soon the users will start to wait for your posts and updates and it will be like a habit to them. You will come part of their lives and it is then your post can have compelling tone to it.

5. Time the posts

Another feature to note is the fact that you need to time your posts and updates on Facebook pages. A regards to understanding your audience, understand when your fan base will be active more. Take that time of the day to post more updates on Facebook pages daily.

The proper time to post updates can be understood by the trial and error method. Once you understand the best time to post on your Facebook page, you must utilize that time range to get the best possible results and engage more Facebook fans on you page.

6. Use calls to action sentences in your posts.

Along with posting a photo or news item on your page, ask the user to do something I return by word. You can simply ask the user to like the photo or to share the post on their wall page. The users may not do it and many would ignore such call to action sentences.

But if the post or photo is really unique, many users will share it and soon you will see more user engagement on your page.

7.Use images in every post that you make

One of the most important feature of the timeline is that it makes the Facebook page look more stylish. But it can be made stylish only if every post that you make on your Facebook page is supported by an image or a photo.

As per the consumer surveys, posts with the photos do well on Facebook as comparing to images without the photos. So make it a point to add at least one image on every post you make per day.

Facebook Page Marketing
Facebook Page Marketing

8. Tag your loyal fans on the photos

Though this is an offhand method of promoting your Facebook page, it is one of the most effective method on Facebook. Every photo  you upload on Facebook can be tagged and this is the best method to increase the fan page reach.

Whoever you tag on the photo will get notified about it and also the photo will lie on his profile by default and his friend swill see the post. This method is the most effective method right now on Facebook and also the most abused method. You can see every now and then getting tagged to unrelated content on Facebook which is really a matter of annoyance.

Facebook Page Marketing
Facebook Page Marketing

9. Make the conversation going on the Facebook page

You must try to make conversations with your fans on the Facebook page posts and try to engage the users on the topic of discussion. As you try to keep the conversation going, more and more users are drawn to your page, making a powerful Facebook page.

Even if it is small talk, try to keep the conversation going and going. When you feel like the conversation on the posts are going to end, spread more news on the topic and keep it going.

10. Tag your fans on the conversation

One of the best ways to keep the conversation going on Facebook posts is to tag your fans to the discussion. You can manually ask serious fans about what they think personally and also tag the replied user with replies to their comments.

Be persona on Facebook and tagging the fans occasionally on the page make them feel good. They feel like their thought s are being valued and hence will respond in the same manner to our thoughts and posts.

11. Trial and error

Even if you have understood your audience and time, keep testing with fresh content every day and see for yourself what type of content works well with them. Try to do different type of post like ask questions to the fans, ask the fans to share the options, ask the fans to like or dislike or provide the latest news content to them or introduce a sensitive issue on the page  to the fans.

Be on the lookout for what kind of content does well on Facebook and follow them and the trend changes.

12. Respond to every comment you get on Facebook page

Users responding on your Facebook page will like to get response in return. No one likes to be ignored. But in the crowd of discussions, many users get ignored among the other users. Be on the lookout for those users and try to reply to them personally on the discussions.

Remember that no fan can be allowed to go away from our page. So respond to every single comment you get and you can also consider responding to every single like you get on your Facebook page.

13.Conduct contests

Once in a while you can also consider conducting some engaging contests on the Facebook page. The rewards need not be heavy or pricey. You can just conduct the contest with the prices being featured on your website as the fan of the week and so on.

Such contests will create a need for the user to engage more in your Facebook page and you are bound to get more reach with regards to that.


Facebook Page Marketing
Facebook Page Marketing

14. Fresh content

Everyone loves fresh content and news. So be the first person or the first page on the internet to get certain news out in the open. If you keep posting relevant posts and news item related to your niche, try be the first new breaker in the internet field.

Such news breakers lead over the other pages in terms of user engagement and fan base.

15. Facebook like box on your website

This one idea became a common option and still it is very effective. Try to integrate your website with the Facebook fan page and get the like box right in front on your home page.

This will get you some likes even if the users have never ever visited your Facebook page.

Facebook Page Marketing

16. Encourage the fans to upload images on the Facebook page.

It will become total monotonous if only you start uploading pics and content on the Facebook page. But the range of your Facebook page is going triple more  quadruple if you are able to convince the users to upload the photos on the Facebook page and tag their friends to it.,

This method can be activated with any online contest and will help to increase the likes count.

17. Include occasional celebrity chats

If you have some god contact, you can then consider adding features like to chat with the celebrity on Facebook. If the celebrity is related to your niche it is better.

Such promotional events can be public relations strategy for the celebrity too. So hence you will have no issues in convincing the celebrity for the live chats on your Facebook page provided you have the right contacts with them.

18. Make the fan page your family

Be in touch with your fans and make them feel that you are part of their family. The perfect fan page will be able to create that sort of feeling among the users about the Facebook fan page and once you do that you alone will not promote your products, your fans (your family) will do the promotion for you.

Every Facebook fan page must be optimized to that level of engagement on Facebook. it is possible with the perfect social media marketers. If you yourself cannot spend enough time on Facebook page, then do consider hiring any Facebook page specialist to post content on your behalf on your page.

But do remember to hire only the bet professionals with the best credential s. be sure to consider that the Facebook marketer knows what they are doing. In the present internet world, everyone just around the corner is an expert or a problogger. So hire the person who understands Facebook page marketing.

Should you Buy the Facebook ads?

If you hire a perfect Facebook marketer, then there is no need for you to buy the Facebook ads. A perfect Facebook marketer can optimize the content on the Facebook pages and go a long way better that what you pay for the Facebook ads. Remember that the Facebook ads are just hanging advertisement son your profile page, while a notification on your timeline would make you go to the post manually more often.

So the need of the hour is optimized Facebook page marketing and it is time we engage it with the relevance it demands. So follow these steps and be on your endeavor to create the best Facebook page on the internet now.

Happy Facebook Marketing

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  • February 5, 2013 at 7:34 am

    Hello Deepak, Some really nice tips you have mentioned above. I’m gonna use these strategies to get more likes on FB. Hoping for the best!

  • January 30, 2013 at 7:20 pm

    A great post Deepak. It was too lengthy but managed to read it till the end. If you implement these things, you will receive more likes. That is for sure!


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