facebook privacy policy updates

Facebook always keeps on updating its services and the platform in order to provide better experience to its users, a better social experience for us. The social networking giant has always worked to provide its users with the best ways to protect their privacy on the site and with the new set of terms and updates that are going to roll out by January 1, 2015, it will make sure that all of us know everything related to protecting our privacy.

If you don’t know about the main source of income of Facebook then it is the advertisements on the social network. You might have seen a lot of ads in the right hand side or in your feeds and if you are annoyed with these ads, then by next year this issue will also be solved.

In short, Facebook is launching a tool called Privacy Basics using which it tends to teach users to choose what others see about you, how other people interact with you and what you see on your news feed.

facebook privacy policy updates

Facebook Privacy Policy: What’s Going to Be New in 2015?

This is one of the most awesome moves by the social networking giants considering that its users never really had any idea of who others are able to view their status updates or photos or other uploads. But with these new changes, everything’s about to be changed.

Let’s see what changes you can expect  by next year:

Privacy Basics: It’s a feature, a step taken by Facebook, to teach users about the tagging, about their friends and what they can see on your profile and what not. The most important thing about this new feature is that it teaches you to control your privacy settings and is available in around 30+ languages so that everyone can learn from it.

Apps: If you are using Facebook’s app on your phone or tablet to access the social network then this would be really helpful to you. Now FB is going to optimize its apps based on the phone’s state, which means, for example, when your phone’s battery is low then the app might get shut down automatically to preserve the battery.

Advertisements: You will be able to manage your preferences and choose which types of ads you want to see and which type you don’t want to see. Other important update that might come to Facebook ads is the Buy button. Up until now, users had to click on the ads which took them to the seller’s page and from there you had to buy the product but now Facebook will come with a Buy button to make the purchase from there. (Note: I read this on a site and this may be just a rumor but I thought of letting you know about it because it its true, it would save a lot of time.)

A More Detailed Profiling: Facebook has acquired applications like Instagram for $1 billion and WhatsApp for $19 billion and its going to use all these 3 services to target its customers better by syncing with their habits and preferences on the apps.

What Changes I Expect?

The most annoying feature of Facebook, which all of us will agree, is the stupid app requests that keep on appearing in your notification box even when you are not even playing any of those games.

I know that you can turn off these requests from your settings area but why to do that when you are not interested in those games. Facebook should take a step and stop these app requests based on whether people are playing these games or not. If a person has never played a certain game, he shouldn’t be receiving any requests from it.

You can check out the complete email that Facebook is sending to its users to see what type of changes are going to be made to the social network. I just hope that these changes are going to help us, its users, in using the social network more efficiently and would not just be another stupid step.

These updates are going to roll out by 1st January, 2015 and meanwhile, you can tell us what you think about these changes via the comments section below.

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