How to Convert Facebook Profile to Page
 Convert Facebook profile to Facebook page
Convert Facebook profile to Facebook page

Facebook has rolled out a very innovative feature to let you convert your non-personal profiles to business pages. This feature is surely to boost the advertising revenues of the Facebook.

A Facebook business account offers you a lot of features. Remember the days when you tried to create  a Facebook page and then you’ll have to wait for your friends to ‘like’ it , but now with this new feature you can very conveniently  convert your Facebook profile into a Facebook page with just a few clicks and all your social contacts will be intact and your friends will instead become ‘likers’.

So How do you convert Facebook profile to page?

Well to avail this feature simply visit the migrate link and use the new migrate tool and then simply convert your profile to page.

But why to convert a Profile to a Page?

Well to say there are a few benefits out there in doing so ,

  • You can now make more than 5000 friends , the stupid limit that the Facebook has imposed on individual profiles.
  • You can’t create a personal profile for your business it’s against their terms and condition
  • You automatically get your friends as ‘Liker’ to your page.

Facebook also has a Help Page to guide users through the process of converting personal accounts to business accounts.

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