Facebook Quietly Hides Your Email Address Leaving Only @Facebook.com Visible.

What will be your reaction when you will come to know that Facebook has made visibility  changes to your personal information, If you haven’t looked at your Facebook profile lately, you might want to take a minute and check it out.

It appears Facebook has decided to switch everyone’s default email address to an “@facebook” account. Problem is, they didn’t even bother telling us of the change, much less asking us for permission to do so and all this in an attempt to improve email address privacy.

So if you had left your contact email as xyz@gmail.com , Facebook has conveniently hidden it and now only shows username@facebook.com (username is your Facebook ID). Unless you reset your controls, this makes it harder for friends to contact you via third-party email.

How To Reset Settings And Show Your Personal Emails

Go to your wall or profile and click “About”. On the “About” page there is a section listed with “Contact Information”. See the picture below for an example. Click the “Edit” button to change the default email address displayed.

When you click the “Edit” button, it will take you to a place where you can edit all your contact information. Find the section at the top labeled “Emails”. See image below for an example.

Find the email address that you would like displayed, and click the dropdown arrow on the right, as displayed in the picture above. Click the selection that says “Shown on Timeline”. If you don’t want people to use your “@facebook” address, then select “Hidden from Timeline”. Then save your settings when you have made desired changes.

So, What are your views on Facebook changing which email of yours is to be seen, without any prior information?

Do drop in your comments.

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