5 Useful tips to Secure your Facebook Account

5 Useful tips to Secure your Facebook Account

Facebook the Giant social networking site has recently overtaken the Google in Alexa rank. This clearly shows the dominance of Facebook on the world of internet. There are more than 955 million of users in Facebook according to the recent information. Providing security for all the users is a big challenge before the Facebook  Keeping it in mind Facebook has provided of many security layers and settings to its users. Irrespective of that thousands of Facebook accounts are getting hacked each and every day, just because, people lack awareness about the security measures that one should follow.

I am writing this article to give you few important tips on Facebook security . Just go through all the tips below and this will really help you secure your Facebook account.

Secure your Facebook account1. Turn on the secure browsing

Many people don’t even consider this thing as security measure, but believe me guys if you are on a Wi-fi connection or in any LAN connection, it is damn easy to hack and get into you accounts using simple hacking tools like Wireshark. I used to see many apps asking you to turn off security browsing to use them but try to avoid such apps.


Here is how you can turn on your secure browsing

  1. Open your Facebook account.
  2. Click on small button that is just beside the Home button.
  3. Select “Account settings”.
  4. Go to “Security settings”.
  5. Click on secure browsing and tick the box there and give a click on “secure browsing” to complete the procedure. Now you can enjoy the secure browsing.

2. Use a Strong Password.


Using a strong password will always add an extra security layer to your profile. Even I used to hack my friends accounts just to prank them but I am surprised to see that many of them used their mobile number, Names (crush, friends, relative, places…Etc) as their passwords. After that even I tried to break into few other friends’ accounts just by guessing passwords.

If you don’t want that to happen to you just use some strong Password. Strong password is nothing but of combination of Upper case letter, Lower case letters, Numbers and symbols and I don’t recommend you to write them anywhere. Even avoid sharing your password.

It is also recommended you to change your password frequently.

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3. Enable Log in notification.

First let me explain you what exactly “ log in notification” is, When someone entered in to your Facebook profile other than the registered devices you will get a mail or text message to your mobile or even both. You can make the settings in such manner so that each time when someone hacked your account you can Facebook notify you which help you to take immediate action.

Facebook log in notification

How to turn on log in notification in Facebook.

  1. Open your Facebook account.
  2. Click on small button that is just beside the Home button.
  3. Select “Account settings”.
  4. Go to “Security settings”.
  5. Tick “Email” and “Text message/Push notification” and click on save settings. That’s it you are done now.

4. Beware of Fake log in pages

Most accounts of Facebook are getting hacked just using these fake log in pages. This kind of attack is called as phishing, where people get compromised by hackers to log in  their details in a phishing site and within no time the hacker will get the password of all those who entered their passwords and email address in them. Every time when you enter your password check the URL. Don’t even think of entering your password if the URL is not related to facebook.com. Do remember that no site will ask you to enter Facebook password. Make sure that, even spelling of that URL should be facebook.com, I am mentioning this because intelligent hacker will name the phishing site something like facob00k.com , faaebook.com , fbook.com or something like that which make everyone to believe that they are original sites. Hope you are aware of this now.

5. Use different passwords for different sites

These days many internet users, used to have accounts in various online sites for different purposes. In general most of them used to keep their password same for all the sites without awareness. Do remember that if any one of the account get hacked then possibility of other sites getting hacked is more. So maintaining different passwords is highly recommended. I know that the problem here is, we may forget the passwords of site as we can’t remember all of them. I have a solution for you to solve this problem. Try to use your passwords in some order, let me explain you with example; if $@IChaRaN-123 was your password then you can make $@IChaRaN-124, $@IChaRaN-125, $@IChaRaN-126…Etc for other sites. So this makes you to remember them easily. I am not asking you follow the same order but you can try something similar to this.

That’s all for now friends. If you have any other questions related to security issues just comment below and we will try to solve your problem.

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