Facebook Features

Facebook Features

Facebook has over 800 million users. And each user is allowed to add up to 5000 friends in their friends list. And an unlimited number of users can subscribe to your posts, although not all have the subscribe option but most of us have it.

If I boast of my friends then I have over a thousand friends added on FB. And do you know why Facebook is so popular? Why so many users, companies and Governments are flocking to it? The reason is that it gives every one a unique platform to share our thoughts. It allows us to share our likes and dislikes. It allows us to boast and no one is there to actually check the facts.

Over the years Facebook has been a popular platform for those people who were once called introvert, the shy lot among us. Facebook allowed the introvert to share their feelings without being shy. And here’s a nice little song that I found on YouTube that I wanted to share.

Funny Facebook Song

As each person’s friends list grew larger it started be become a problem as each and every person shares some thing on their wall. And then Facebook started using its Artificial Intelligence to know whose updates we would love to see. If the person is listed as close friend or a family member then Facebook will not miss to show you their updates. But if there is someone whose profile you have not visited for a long time then FB starts to ignore the person’s updates.

And this Artificial Intelligence thing makes me feel that I am not in control of my things. So I started to see ways to get more control over what content I see. Below are the few settings that will help you get control over your Facebook life!

How to make sure that not everyone sees full friends list on your time line?

Just go to your profile page and select the friends option on your timeline and then you will be shown the list of your friends then Click Edit option from the top right hand side.

Facebook edit settings

By default it will be public, if you don’t want your friends list to be public then select either Friends or custom.

How secure your profile from Hackers.

Hackers keep on trying to hack Facebook accounts. Or maybe your friends may try to hack it just for fun. But how to secure your account? Here’s a simple method to keep your account secure.

Go to Home (located on the top right side) then select Account settings then Security.

Facebook secure settings

Check the “Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https)”  and click save changes. This will change the security to HTTPS that means Hyper text transfer protocol Secure.

Enable Login Notifications:
When ever you login (or assume a hacker login’s in you account) you will receive a SMS or an e-mail which will inform you of the login.

Facebook login notifications

Similarly there are some other Privacy settings through which you can make sure who sees your updates.
And apart from these settings if you are receiving too much spam updates from some of your friends or Fan pages then you can block them too. Here’s some settings related to it.

Hiding a Facebook story

As you see above you can either select to hide the story or you can report the story as spam. If you report the story as spam then you will get the below options.

marking a stroy as spam

Select “Use Acquaintances to organize who you see in feed” and you can personalize whose feeds you can see. Here’s a screen shot of that:

Hide rarely interacted friends

It will show your rarely interacted friends and you can ignore or select those who spam.


There are more such settings which you can try out to keep your account more secure and also you can choose whose updates you want to see and whose you don’t want to.

The number of posts by me is directly proportional to number of comments I receive. So do comment you views.

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