In Facebook we can use many smileys in the chat conversations to add more fun while chatting with our friends. There are even many chat codes available through which we can use interesting fonts and images. Facebook smiley’s are really interesting ways to convey our feelings to others.  Though they don’t have any animations like the smileys in the Gmail, they are pretty interesting and useful. They are just used in chat boxes till now but with the recent update of Facebook we can even use them in the comments…!

Previous Facebook update regarding Smiley’s 

Shortcut for facebook smileys

Few months ago we have to manually type the symbols to make them in to smileys in chat boxes; later Facebook updated a small feature, so that we can use any smiley just with a single click. Check the image below you can get the thing about which I am talking.

This update made the people to know about all the smiley’s and even those who don’t use smiley’s started using them to add more fun to their conversations

Facebook smiley’s now In Comments.

Facebook in comments

We can leave a comment in Facebook for all the things like status, photos, Group discussions…Etc.  Till now smileys are not allowed in them. Though if we type symbols in chat boxes they won’t get converted in smileys as they do in the chat boxes. But Facebook has made a new update through which we can use all the smiley’s that are available in the chat boxes in comments section. This is a pretty interesting thing for all the Facebook users so that they can convey their intention just with a single smiley by using them in the comments.

List of all possible Facebook chat smiley’s

All possible facebook smileys

What will be the Next Update?

As far  now Facebook made the smileys to available in the chat and comments and I guess that,  Facebook will also add this feature to the Status updates…!
Because, one of the key reason behind the Massive success of the Facebook is “It updates its features regularly according to the user expectations”, which gets people attracted towards it more than any other social networking site. If it gets positive response from people regarding any update it will try to extend it to other parts of the sites. For example Facebook first introduced the timeline feature for only available for app developers later it made it available for pages and now for all the users. Interesting thing is that recently Facebook also made the images in all the profiles to look like timeline images.  So if Facebook makes any update regarding smileys in coming days, I guess that it will be “smileys in status”.

One thought on “Facebook smileys are now available in Comments

  • October 15, 2012 at 8:47 am

    I came across some pages where the comments were looking a bit different today. Took a second for me to realize that the Smileys aka Emoticons we use in the Comments and Chats had the actual graphical icons in the comments too. I also found this video:


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