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Facebook statuses are being updated every single second by around 1000 users across the globe on an average. Generally all those status updates may be about what they had done that day, what they experienced on that day or a thought that came up on their minds.

There are Facebook users who update their status with the copy paste strategy i.e. they copies some of the greatest thoughts of great persons and add it as their status updates. There are many others who use their status updates to promote a product or service among their friends.

For many, status updates is a way to express them.

Totally, updates have become part and parcel of ever Facebook user on the internet community.

Types of Status Updates

1. Life Incident status updates

Life Incident status updates are common model of status updates which can be about anything that had occurred in your life. The incident may be an important one or an irrelevant one. But that does not matter. There are many Facebook users who update their status with the brand of alcohol they are drinking right now.

Such status updates are just meant to be fun updates and are a part of the life of the casual Facebook users.

Facebook Status Update (3)
Facebook Status Update

2.Image status updates –

In many cases a picture can speak a thousand times more than words. If the issue you need to update about can be expressed by simple picture, then the status become much more powerful and is going to be more viral.

Particularly when the idea of those updates is just to promote, images have been found to do a better role than words. You will see a lot many Facebook gurus proclaiming to use images on your Facebook pages than words.


Facebook Status Update (6)
Facebook Status Update

3. Thoughts status updates

These can be the thoughts that come to your minds. Such type of updates cannot be done by any user. Only those users who have experience and ideology can think and create such Facebook status updates.

Facebook Status Update (4)
Facebook Status Update

4. Copy paste status updates

Those that cannot do the thoughts status updates will go to the copy paste status updates. It is too easy. You just need to copy an already published status update and update it as your status update.

This method is common in Facebook now as you will see very user hitting the benchmark with high quality thoughts. Next time you see that, be sure that such a one falls into this category.

Thinking from the other side, there is nothing wrong in doing this either. Many of the thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi and martin Luther king are to be spread worldwide and status update can work as a perfect way to do that.

Facebook Status
Facebook Status


5. Story status updates

These types of status updates have increased manifold these days. Such story updates are generally on the humor side enough to tickle your bones and to make you think at the same time.

They are really effective and are bound to be spread many times by multiple users on the Facebook  In some ways, this type of status update also may fall into the copy paste status update type too.

Facebook Status Update (2)
Facebook Status Update

6. Promotion status updates

Many business oriented promoters use Facebook as their tool to promote the product or service among users. You can see that there are millions of users on Facebook and hence Facebook has become medium to get the product to the users and to create awareness about a service.

Such type of status updates are increasing now as every business man now has their Facebook profiles and Facebook pages,


Facebook Status Update (1)
Facebook Status Update

7. Smiley status updates

This model of Facebook status updates is just to express that you are happy or to just express that you are sad. Every smiley has got its meaning and you will save time expressing your status with just the smiley button.

Most of the casual users on the Facebook are following this method of updating their status.

Facebook Status
Facebook Status

8. Link status updates

This is similar to the promotion status updates. Here the link to another website or blog will be shared on the Facebook as the status and most probably the link will be promotional one. Many of the bloggers and webmasters revert to this method of promoting their website or blog.

Further you will see many share buttons on every website you are going to visit. Such share buttons are made to share that article with your friends. Such types of updates are easy to make and you can try doing it here.


Facebook Status Update (5)
Facebook Status Update

9. Video status updates

Sharing YouTube videos have become a common thing on Facebook  Everyone likes to watch the videos and sharing one will give your friends too, a chance to watch the videos themselves.

Facebook Status Update

10. Empty status updates

You would have known every other type of Facebook update, but not this one. This is a rare type of Facebook update where in you will post an update on Facebook with no image, no picture or no link. Practically your friends will see the update as if nothing has been typed.

For normal users, it is impossible to post an update without typing anything on the status box. But you can do it on Facebook  Here we will see how to post an empty status update on Facebook.

Facebook Status Update (8)
Facebook Status Update

How to post empty status updates on Facebook?

Empty status update?

Here the question arises…can you post a status update or a comment without any message? Or is it possible reply to your friend with no words in Facebook?

You and many would jump and say that it is not possible to send empty messages. The default setup of Facebook framework will jump at you and say that you have never typed anything.

But let me say that there is way to post empty status updates and also to reply to your friends with no message. After this tutorial you will have a nice time tricking your friends with this cool Facebook trick. You would be surprised to see how easy it is to fool your friends on Facebook and get their attention.

Tutorial to post empty status updates

Here is the best way to update your status blankly. You just need to press the ALT key and at the same time type the letters 0173 on your status box. You will see that the letters you have typed will not be displayed on the status box and hence the box will remain empty.

Now you just need to enter the post button to update your status with a blank status update.

Facebook Status Update (8)
Facebook Status Update

How to reply to your friends with empty comments message?

Similarly you cannot enter replies to your friends with blank messages. But you will be able to do it if you have read the previous trick.

You just need to enter the same letters 0173 while holding down the ALT key. Similar to the previous case, no messages will be displayed on the screen and after entering the enter button, you will see a blank reply to your friend’s status update.

Facebook Status Update (7)
Facebook Status Update


Hope you enjoyed this Facebook trick. Best of luck with updating empty status updates on your Facebook timeline.

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