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Facebook timeline for pages was launched at the expense of the old layout of  the Facebook pages which had more business oriented features. While the Facebook Timeline is more user oriented, business houses have not been getting the benefits out of the Facebook timeline feature.

Facebook timeline

Facebook had launched the new Facebook timeline for pages for some time back. Most of them would have become quite adept at using the Facebook timeline for pages now. But we would like to consider giving the topic an overall go to review the various features available in the Facebook timeline.

Facebook timeline introduced some unique features while at the same time gave away with some other features that was essential for the business pages. Here we will see a comparison on the different features introduced on the Facebook timeline for pages

Businesses loses their biggest advantage

All the Facebook timeline pages had a wonderful option to make a newcomer land on your landing page making the best out of him. He would need to register in your page or like your page to go further and view your content. This option possessed many businesses an unfair advantage in building an effective customer base.

Many companies were overly promotional using the new customers to buy their products. Many landing pages even had options like 80% off or buy at our website making the Facebook page just another marketing tool.

Definitely Facebook did not like this new trend. Many visitors visiting the Facebook page were then missing from their loop. The visitors would have been redirected to many website or landing pages. In fact the businesses utilized this page just as an opportunity to create visitors to their website.

But with the new Facebook timeline the businesses no longer have the option of building the fan base as easily as it was being done. You are no longer supposed/allowed to land your visitors to the landing page. Every visitor is automatically redirected to your Facebook timeline. And further you are no longer allowed to use the landing option or like option on your cover photo.

So that is going to be the biggest disadvantage for you or for any Facebook fan page business. But there is no going back. You had to adapt to the new timeline and focus further on thinking how to use this new timeline design to your advantage.

As things got better, business houses started utilizing the allowed features on the timeline to the best of their advantage and getting maximum number of fans to their business.

Facebook Timeline For Pages
Facebook Timeline For Pages

Here are some of the basic ways to make your business timeline page look better

Cover page

The cover page option is allowed in the timeline page. You need to understand that this is the first image your visitor is going to see. So the new cover page design has to be attractive and something creative.

Facebook has further introduced the essential rules to make the proper cover photo. You are not allowed to use the fan gate applications or like options in your cover photo. Further more you cannot use the cover photo to create any sort of landing page impressions.

You cannot upload any photo that violates the copyright in any way. The cover photo has to be solely in your ownership.

The personalities at the Facebook timeline design explain that the use of timeline is to create a user-friendly approach from the Facebook users and to provide an ultimate business base for the brands.

Earlier every Facebook fan page in the older version was designed to land different users in different pages. New visitors were made to and on your landing page while your daily visitors and friends gets to the wall posts.

Tips for brands to upload the cover photo

  • Make it unique

Your cover photo has to be the ultimate Photoshop marvel you can do with your skills. If suppose you are not quite proficient on design of images, hire a guy who can do the best for you. In fact the first brand to go live with the timeline page was coca cola which had one of the best timeline designed cover photo.

  • Take note of the pixels

Those of you who had made the timeline of your profiles would know that the picture dimensions for the cover is not the same as normal dimensions. The picture has to be cropped well to suit the 851x 315 pixel size. Since the height allowed for pictures is less, you will have some what an expanded pigmy picture. So create a cover photo that best suit your brand.

  • No contact information

As per the Facebook timeline pages rule, no brands are supposed to provide any sort of contact information on your cover photo. That includes nay email information or website address. so do not take pains to include the details of your website or business office in between your photo. That is not viable in the long run as you would be going against the Facebook rules and that can get you banned.

  • No pointers to your Facebook options

Many Facebook pages earlier had a welcome page where the new visitors and you will further have a lot of pointers pointing at the like option or register option. So you would be looking forward to including the pointers on the timeline. These pointers would point at the like tabs which you have in the new timeline below the cover photo. You can just include a pointer pointing downwards to the like tab making your like tab more fruitful.

But remember that Facebook has done away with that option as well. They have ensured that in their rule not to include any sort of pointers in the cover photo.

  • Call to action..?

Many websites in their interest to market their websites use d to create a download a link in their Facebook fan page for something valuable to the readers. So any new visitor would get the option to download this when they like their Facebook page.

This opportunity cannot be included now as the old landing tabs feature as been done away  with.


Facebook timeline introduced lot more restrictions on the Facebook fan pages and done away the easy options to create lies. Actually they improved the user interface and user experience was improved. Fans of a page was given better freedom whether to like a page or not.

But for the business pages , the old profile setup would have rendered better results than the Facebook timeline.

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