Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram – Who Has the Best Social Media App?

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Social media is becoming the mainstream marketplace awareness tool. The big players are undoubtedly Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, though YouTube is getting more social. The technology, as well as the large sum of business ideas, the iPhone app developer companies are growing immensely.

The way to go is to try to capture the attention of this vast market. This is best achieved by getting an app that promotes your company or heavily integrating and promoting use of the social media tools that already exist. The million–dollar question now becomes: which social networking site the best social media application?

Let us start with Facebook. It is the most used social networking site. Two thirds of adult users who get online cite that they access the site daily. That tells you it is a truly active platform. Better still; the company has plans to make the site an ecosystem of applications. Indeed, with time, the Facebook experience for both users and companies alike is indisputably improving.

Facebook also has plans to abridge the formats of apps that it currently has. The platform has 27 formats at the moment. It plans to simplify the formats to fewer than 10. This is good news for both developers and companies that use the platform for advertising.

The best feature of Facebook is perhaps the fact that your brand awareness will have a global outreach. The liking of your app by a user leads to their friend getting suggestions to like the same app. Since users have friends who transcend borders, the outlook of your company can be passed form user to user globally.

Twitter is the next to Facebook in the number of users. The site is also common with its users due to its micro-blogging feature. It is known for its loyal users and thus the growth of its base is poised to continue growing exponentially.

Since the site is now found both on mobile and PCs, the users are no longer exclusively suburban as they used to be. Most of its users are men although some of the most popular and followed personalities are women. The more celebrated one is, the more the followers they garner. This gives a real possibility of product or brand endorsement by the personalities in question.

Twitter is indeed very attractive for the development and promotion of apps. Your company can reap extensively from launching apps in Twitter. Web solution firms are equipped to develop the apps for any use. Moreover, the site has widgets which provide direct links to your brand site.

Instagram is a worthy competitor of the two. As of the end of 2012, 13 percent of users online use Instagram for photo taking. Women seem more adept and willing to use their smartphones in doing so and uploading them via Instagram.

Social media campaigns which include multimedia and are effective using Instagram are unquestionably useful.

Now Instagram is about to include video to compete with Twitter’s Vine. Creating videos lauding your company on social media is popular though it takes really good information or great creativity.

Demographic analyses of the three sites give figures according to gender and age of users. Facebook leads in the under-25 category, followed closely by Twitter – and Instagram comes a distant third. Above this category, Twitter continues to attract the attention of older users in competitive terms with Facebook.

Clearly, Facebook is the owner of the most interactive and preferred social media app. Twitter contests second. However, the impact of Twitter is quite revolutionary as it has been known to influence significant changes in worldwide events

It happens in areas such as politics and disaster management, where decisions of the people or what happens to them are almost instant yet significant.

Web solutions are currently geared towards social media. Having the correct app in place is a great pro move; Facebook’s usually the winner, for now.

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