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Facebook Timeline For Pages Guide : Is It Beneficial for the Business Houses than the Old Layout?

Facebook Timeline For Pages

Facebook timeline for pages was launched at the expense of the old layout of  the Facebook pages which had more business oriented features. While the Facebook Timeline is more user oriented, business houses have not been getting the benefits out of the Facebook timeline feature. Facebook timeline Facebook had launched the new Facebook timeline for pages for some time back. Most of them would have become quite adept at using the Facebook timeline for pages now. But we would

How to Add Custom Dislike Button On Facebook?

Dislike button on Facebook

Can you Add a Dislike Button On Facebook? Facebook has lot many features among its arsenal. Among them includes the like button, share button and the comments feature. This simple buttons are crucial to maintain the engaging experience on Facebook.These buttons are simple and also does the crucial role to make life simple on Facebook. But is these buttons enough for

Facebook Status Update Guide : How to Post an Empty Status update on Facebook?

Facebook Status Update

Facebook statuses are being updated every single second by around 1000 users across the globe on an average. Generally all those status updates may be about what they had done that day, what they experienced on that day or a thought that came up on their minds. There are Facebook users who update their status with the

Top 10 Dangers of using Facebook for Kids and Teens: Guide for the Parents

Facebook has been a common phenomenon among the modern-day children. We live in a world where the high school kids communicate through Facebook updates and less when they meet together. The number of kids and teens using Facebook has always been on the hike and hardly does Facebook do anything to counter that.Thus the dangers of using Facebook for kids and teens is a really prominent issue

11 Possible Ranking Factors for the Coming Facebook Search Engine


The Facebook Search Engine is about to come, no doubt about that. To prepare for the resulting changes we now throw a glance into the future: Here are 11 possible ranking factors for the coming Facebook search engine. It is now clear; Facebook is working on a search engine. “Facebook” the number one social network has one billion searches

Facebook Testing Reply Threading in Comments

It is reported that Facebook is testing out a new feature which allows users to reply to a comment in any status, photos etc. A Facebook Spokesperson said ““We are testing a new way to add comments to a post on Facebook. With this test you will be able to reply to another comment as

Facebook smileys are now available in Comments


In Facebook we can use many smileys in the chat conversations to add more fun while chatting with our friends. There are even many chat codes available through which we can use interesting fonts and images. Facebook smiley’s are really interesting ways to convey our feelings to others.  Though they don’t have any animations like the smileys in

Facebook chat code generating tricks

Facebook chat codes

These days many Facebook users are using chat codes to impress their friends while chatting. Chat codes are nothing but of simple codes which consist of numbers and square brackets which when used in Facebook chat boxes will automatically get converted in to an image bigger than the size of normally used smileys. If you don’t know about them

5 Useful tips to Secure your Facebook Account

Secure your Facebook account

Facebook the Giant social networking site has recently overtaken the Google in Alexa rank. This clearly shows the dominance of Facebook on the world of internet. There are more than 955 million of users in Facebook according to the recent information. Providing security for all the users is a big challenge before the Facebook  Keeping it in mind