Top 10 Proxy Sites to Unblock Facebook

If you go to someone who uses internet and raise a question, “Do you have a Facebook account?”, then they will definitely respond  with an expression on their face saying “ Who Doesn’t?”. I am sure that you will get the same sort reply when this question is thrown at school kids. Facebook is garnering

What is the difference between Slingshot and Snapchat! Facebook made it worth using

slingshot features

  Facebook Inc. recently launched their new application for smartphones called Slingshot. The app became viral in no time when Facebook added the app on Google Play Store and announced it on their official page. Facebook now owns the world’s most popular Social network, instant messenger , photos sharing platform and much more! With the launch of Slingshot, Facebook has directly revealed that

Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram – Who Has the Best Social Media App?

Social media is becoming the mainstream marketplace awareness tool. The big players are undoubtedly Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, though YouTube is getting more social. The technology, as well as the large sum of business ideas, the iPhone app developer companies are growing immensely. The way to go is to try to capture the attention of this vast market.

What is Facebook Home? Top 4 Features of Facebook Home

What is Facebook Home? Confused? Let me break it down for you. Facebook Home is an android app which shall turn your phone into a social device which will help you be connected with your friends all day long. According to Facebook ” With Home, everything on your phone gets friendlier. From the moment you turn

How to Type Your Facebook Status In Different Font Styles?

Facebook status updates in different font styles (7)

Here is the basic tutorial to type your Facebook status in different font styles. With the help of some Facebook apps you would be able to achieve this. Here is the tutorial. Facebook allows us to use the same type of font and there is no default option to change the font on Facebook status.  What happens if you don’t

Facebook Page Marketing Tips : 18 Evergreen Ideas To Get More Facebook Likes

Facebook Page Marketing

Here  are the 18 evergreen marketing  ideas to get more Facebook likes on your Facebook fan page. The list has been compiled from experience and putting these tips into practice is more recommended than buying Facebook ads. Facebook marketing is not easy as it was once. Every company on the face of the earth value social media marketing and they have created specialized pages  for their

Facebook Timeline For Pages Guide : Is It Beneficial for the Business Houses than the Old Layout?

Facebook Timeline For Pages

Facebook timeline for pages was launched at the expense of the old layout of  the Facebook pages which had more business oriented features. While the Facebook Timeline is more user oriented, business houses have not been getting the benefits out of the Facebook timeline feature. Facebook timeline Facebook had launched the new Facebook timeline for pages for some time back. Most of them would have become quite adept at using the Facebook timeline for pages now. But we would