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Easy Way To Download All Your Facebook Information

Facebook initially did not provide any option to download the information you feed into your Facebook profile, but later on Mark Zuckerberg who is the CEO of Facebook announced the addition of a special feature which would enable the Facebook users to download all their information in a .zip file. Now the Facebook users not

Facebook Adding “Want” button?

Facebook has entirely revolutionized the word LIKE,the next word possibly would be “want”.Noted developer  Tom Waddington located some code within the Facebook Javascript SDK that pointed to the development of a “want” button. So what is the use of this want button?? For Companies Waddington speculates that Facebook could build a universal wishlist that could be queried by other apps through

You Might See Facebook Browser & Dead Opera – Soon!

facebook browser

The rumor is spreading like fire, that Facebook is looking to buy Opera Software. If it turns out to be true then we will probably see a new web browser, Facebook brand. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Microsoft Internet Explorer just got a new competitor few days ago, namely Yahoo Axis, but it looks