Facebook chat code generating tricks

Facebook chat codes

These days many Facebook users are using chat codes to impress their friends while chatting. Chat codes are nothing but of simple codes which consist of numbers and square brackets which when used in Facebook chat boxes will automatically get converted in to an image bigger than the size of normally used smileys. If you don’t know about them

Top 5 ways to get Maximum likes on your Facebook fanpage

facebook likes

Now a days Facebook is number 1 social networking websites of world.Millions of people daily use Facebook for chatting,fame, advertising and for lot of other purposes.Fame is the thing which everyone wants to get, some make fan page on Facebook to get fame for their selves and some make fan page to get fame for

5 Useful tips to Secure your Facebook Account

Secure your Facebook account

Facebook the Giant social networking site has recently overtaken the Google in Alexa rank. This clearly shows the dominance of Facebook on the world of internet. There are more than 955 million of users in Facebook according to the recent information. Providing security for all the users is a big challenge before the Facebook  Keeping it in mind

Easy Way To Download All Your Facebook Information

Facebook initially did not provide any option to download the information you feed into your Facebook profile, but later on Mark Zuckerberg who is the CEO of Facebook announced the addition of a special feature which would enable the Facebook users to download all their information in a .zip file. Now the Facebook users not

How To Hide What You Read Through Reader Social Apps On Facebook

Washinton Post Social Reader Sucks

If you are among the group of people who love to use social apps for your favorite blogs and newspaper. But often worry about your privacy. There may be times when you could have told yourself that I’ll never this kind of news ever again on Facebook. But reading celebrity gossips, wardrobe malfunction, who left

Convert Facebook Or Twitter Into A Blog With Mild

There are a millions of people in the blogging world. Each day a new blog is hosted on the internet. Each of these websites has their own niche. Hosting a blogging websites is not a big deal (Converting it into a successful one is Tough). But making a blog out of your personal life can