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I am continuing the Trojans introduction to little advanced version in this post. Read the first part of this post, What are Trojans and how to prevent them?

As I already told you that there are two parts in trojan . One is server and other is client. The hacker have client installed on his system and tries to install the server on victim’s PC. But for that either he needs physical access to victim’s PC which is highly impossible, so he has to fool the victim and send his server .

How will he do that?

He sends an email for downloading a free game , video or picture or something interesting that anyone would click on the link . Then downloading starts named sample.exe , after completion of this you click on the sample thinking that it is a game . But after clicking that file you find nothing is happening (Very Suspicious ) During this the server is installed in your system. Sometimes the game runs along with installing the server and you will not have any clue of what happened behind. In the above scenario, what happened with the game ? You might have come across games like hitting bush or Saddam or many flash games which are free. Always with such games this servers are joined with joiner utility.Everytime you open the game this server gets installed.

So how joiner utility works?

It’s like mixing a poison in a drink, you take drink thinking that it’s just a drink but actually poison for you .

Process for joining two files:

  1. we need to use joiner utility software. (As an ethical hacker I won’t tell you where you can get it )
  2. Then you have game file named game.exe
  3. Other file which is Trojan server named sample.exe
  4.  With the use of this joiner utility the two files get connected together and you can also rename it anything you want. To fool you they rename it asgame.exe
  5. Now whenever you open game the other programsample.exe also run together with game.

This is how joiner utility works. There are many
utilities like joiner are owned by hackers. In my
next posts I will try to explore them in front of you so
that you can be aware of them.

Tip: Never open unwanted and suspicious mails

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  • July 29, 2008 at 12:02 pm

    hey dude i know this info long back but the only thing i want to know is where can i get file joiners for free…i would be thank full if u send link for me at ….


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