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Blogging can be done for more than one reasons. Some people like to share their life via blog; some just want to write something about what they feel about people and things around them.

Some people want a place that defines them and a few blog about their passion, what they like and what they feel is their expertise.


Once we proceed in our live, we tend to miss out some of the friends, we change towns, move to other jobs, colleges etc. but following your friends’ blogs lets you stay updated about what they doing in their worlds.

Ah! You might be think that we can do the same by using Facebook and stuff but Facebook has privacy issues whereas blogs are safe and some platforms like WordPress and Tumblr lets you set filters for who sees your blogs.

Guide to Find your Friends’ Blogs

Search Them on Google

Most individuals who are not in IT career often start off with free blogging platforms like Blogspot and WordPress. Google is the best place where you can find your friends’ blogs.

Most personal bloggers use ‘(First Name) (Last Name)’s Blog’ as their Blog Title so it won’t be difficult.

Step 1: Go to ‘’ and search for ‘Your Friend’s Name+ Blog

This will list all the people who have the same name as your friend and have a blog. To narrow your search, add some other details to your search. Say if you friend resides in Delhi, search ‘Your Friend’s Name + Blog + Delhi’.

Keep narrowing your result unless your reach him.

Search them on IndiBlogger

IndiBlogger is a blog directory exclusively for Indians so this is possibly is a place where you have high chances to find your friends.

Step 1: Register at IndiBlogger and go to their Blog Directory Section

Step 2: Put your friend’s name in the search box and search for him, this works most of the times as IndiBlogger is a very popular blog directory especially for Indians.

Search Them on Blogging Platforms

Almost all the blogging Platforms have ‘Search’ Features, enter the details mentioned above and all the possible matches would appear. If you are looking for a friend with uncommon name this would reveal him for you.

Search them on Social Media

More than 500 million people use Facebook today. Don’t you think your old friends would be having an account on these social networking sites?

Search for them social media and it is likely that their webpage would have a URL to their personal blogs.

Enjoy Personal and Mutual Blogging and share your world with your loved ones.

One thought on “Search Personal Blog of Old Friends on The Internet

  • October 4, 2011 at 9:14 pm

    This whole ‘blogging’ concept- don’t you think it’s a huge sign, showing just how times are changing? Is there anything that isn’t outperformed by the powers of the internet? Once upon a time, chatting with people- dropping them a line and catching up with what had been happening in their life was the way to go, these days people prefer to snoop through social networking sites, to catch up on people’s profiles and get down with all the goss! How times do change.
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