Firefox OS A New Competitor To Android?

On July 25 2011 Andreas Gal the Director of Research at Mozilla Corporation announced  a project to “pursue the goal of building a complete, standalone operating system for the open web” and at Mobile World Congress 2012, Mozilla and Telefónica announced that the project which was earlier named as Boot to Gecko is changed to Firefox OS and its expected to release in early of 2013. This project was aimed to build an operating system based on open web standards such as HTML5 has become full fledged product and ready for commercial launch very soon.


While most of the market share are shared between iOS and Android the newly born OS should have something out of box to catch the market so what is Mozilla’s plan? the most important distinct feature is that unlike android,iOS or Windows Firefox OS is lower-end device targeted, even though in recent days mobile phone prices are lowered smartphones with decent OS and specification are still a myth. Mozilla claims that there actually is a huge market for lower-end smartphones, it can run in lower-end phones as well as in higher-end phones like S3.

Another most interesting and important thing is the application which has become everything of mobile phone, Firefox OS is going to be fully HTML5 complaint, you cannot deny the fact that HTML5 is going to be the future of the web and mobile operating system (just like chrome OS), it’s believed that HTML5 applications can provide 90% of things what native apps do except in cases like intense graphical games,it should be also noted that 75% of applications which are running in iOS and Android are based on HTML5!


Mozilla always gets great support from audience, in case of the Firefox OS Telefonica was the first network operator to have tie up with Mozilla earlier this year and now its  joined by Sprint, Deutsche Telekom, Smart, Telecom Italia and Telenor. ZTE and TCL (leading Chinese manufactures ) are also committed to manufacture Firefox OS handsets.

Mozilla very well knows that many Operating system like  MeeGo, Symbian, WebOS and Windows are almost dead, so firstly Firefox OS will be deeply integrated with leading social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter allowing users to seamlessly share, at this stage all it needs is support support support!

Will it workout?

This is of course a heavenly question, while already android has created viral in mobile market and with release of Firefox OS which targets Lower end phones with apps similar to android making android a direct rival, it should be noted that most of the revenue of Firefox comes from Google! , the only problem the new OS will face is the apps, converting all popular games and software to Firefox OS will be a trivial job.

One of the developer leaked a snapshot of a Samsung s2 smartphone running Firefox Os showing the lock-screen of the OS

The Bottom line : Targeting lower end hardware is really a great business mantra as iOS and windows basic phones are costly,android will face severe setback if this OS makes a hit as many lower end phones run with android however the severe problem will be the applications available in the new OS, as of now we cant say anything till the first Firefox OS-powered smartphone on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chipsets which are expected to launch commercially in Brazil in early 2013.


2 thoughts on “Firefox OS A New Competitor To Android?

  • July 17, 2012 at 9:21 pm

    Will come only in early of 2013

  • July 17, 2012 at 9:14 pm

    When can this OS be expected to come to market or atleast a developer preview??


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