What is Firewall Administration?

In my previous two articles I showed you how to secure your LAN and WLAN. In that i had mentioned the firewall factor. In this article I am going to show you the uses of firewall and its administration. Firewall Administration is ensuring the proper management, configuration, and change management of it.It is comprised of controlling access to the platform, platform operating system builds, log reviews, time synchronization and backups.Hence firewall is very important in a network. Some of the advantages and uses of firewall are as follows:

  • The main and the most important factor of firewall is your computer security. It gives a sence of a secure connection of your computer.
  • The most inexpensive and security tool.
  • You can monitor incoming and outgoing security alerts and the firewall company will record and track down an intrusion attempt depending on the severity.
  • Some firewalls are also useful as they detect viruses and worms.
  • All firewalls can be tested for effectiveness by using products that test for leaks or probe for open ports.

What is firewall administration ?

Personal firewall software is designed to prevent connections between the network and your computer, except for programs that the firewall software knows that they are not infected.

  • Network Magic needs to make network connections to set up sharing and check for updates, your firewall software needs to allow these connections.
  • Network Magic is permitted to make outbound communications.
  • Inbound communication from other computers running Network Magic is permitted to get past the firewall to Network Magic.
  • Outgoing communication: Most software firewalls have settings for specific program control.

As we say that any coin has two opposite sides firewall also consists of some of the disadvantages like:

  • Firewalls cannot protect you from internal sabotage within a network or from allowing other users access to your PC.
  • Firewalls cannot edit indecent material like pornography, violence, drugs and bad language. This would require you to adjust your browser security options or purchase special software to monitor your childcare’s Internet activity.

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