Five Ways to Customize Windows 10 Start Menu

If you are using Windows 10 build 9926, which comes with an amazing all-in-one start menu, this article will surely aid you in getting more out of this same Start Menu.

Despite the fact that, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 came without having beneficial Start Menu, yet, Windows 10 is getting ready to launch with an all new and enhanced Start Menu, which will let you do a lot more than Windows 7 Start Menu.

Five Ways to Customize Windows 10 Start Menu

Of course, you can use this innovative Start Menu as you did with Windows 7 version. But, what happens if I say that you have more other things those can be done with this Start Menu? For getting all those new features, you should read on.

Five ways to Customize Windows 10 Start Menu

There could have plenty of methods to modify the Start Menu of Windows 10 but today I am going to present only five of them those are literally more useful than everything else.

Switch to Tablet Mode

In accordance with Microsoft, Windows 10 will likely be designed for all kind of devices including PC, tablet as well as mobile. Hence, they have been developing this edition of Windows in a different way.

To give us a glimpse, they’ve already included a button inside the existing Start Menu, which can help you to broaden it and make it full screen. That means, whatever you generally get in the default Start Menu, you will get all those things in a full screen mode. To enable tablet mode of Start Menu, just click on the Start Menu Button >> head to the Expand button that is positioned on the top right section of Start Menu.

Expand Start Menu

After clicking on the button, the Start Menu will be looking like the following picture,

Start Menu in Tablet Mode

Uninstall Pre-Installed and Third Party Apps

Previously, you had to so many things to uninstall a simple application. No matter whether it was third party software or inbuilt software, but you needed to go to a specific place to uninstall unnecessary application. However, now you can uninstall any installed application right form Windows Start Menu. Obviously, to uninstall it completely, you need to do certain things just like before. To uninstall any third party software from Windows 10 Start Menu, just right click on that app and select Uninstall.

Uninstall Third Party Software on Windows 10

As this is a third party application, you do not have to navigate through Control Panel >> Programs >> Programs and Features menu. By clicking on Uninstall button, you can directly land on that page and uninstall that software. At the same time, if you want to remove any pre-installed application, just right click on that app and select Uninstall. As this is an inbuilt app, you will get a confirmation, which looks as follows,

Uninstall preinstalled apps

Create New Row of Application

On Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, it is possible to create a new group to categorize and organize application as per your needs or type of application. On Windows 10 (Technical Preview), there is no Metro Screen, by default. (You have to enable it manually)

Therefore, if you want to categorize various applications, you may have to opt for this solution. To change the row of any application, you can certainly click on and hold it before dragging. But, to create a different row, you just need to click on it >> hold on >> drag to the upper section of Start Menu until you get black box >> release your mouse/touch pad.

Create New Row of Application

That’s it.

Give a Name to the Unnamed Group

By default, you will get three rows of application on the Start Menu. First group doesn’t have any name. Second group is called Explore Windows and third or last group is known as Everyday apps. Therefore, if you wish to give the unnamed group of apps a name or if you have created a new group by using the aforementioned method and want to enter a name to the group, here is the solution. Just place your mouse above the top application of any group and click once.

Click above the tile

You will get a white bordered box. You can enter the name right there.

Enter Group Name

By using the same method, you can rename existing group name i.e. Explore Windows or Everyday Apps.

Pin Metro Apps to Taskbar

Previously, it was much problematic to pin metro apps or pre-installed apps to Taskbar. Nevertheless, the scenario is going to change with this new Start Menu. Now, you can pin any metro app to the Taskbar right from Start Menu. To do so, just click on the Start Menu >> right click on a respective tile and select Pin to Taskbar.

pin metro apps to taskbar

There are more other ways to customize Start Menu of Windows 10 according to your requirements. Stay tuned. We will be back with new updates as soon as possible.

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