Fix Chrome Update Server Not Available (Also, What Each Error Code Means?)

chrome logoWe all want to run the latest version of our favourite softwares and when it comes to our favourite web browser, Google Chrome we just love the new updates in the user interface and loading speeds.

Being a chrome user if you have enabled updates but still chrome doesn’t get updated to the latest version instead comes up with an error then today’s article is just for you.

The error chrome shows in the update window is in the form of codes like the HTTP error codes where the number of the error is the identification of the type of error.

In this article today we talk about error codes in chrome with solutions on how to fix them.

List Of Error Codes and Their Solution

Error 1

This error comes up when the server is not available reason being the transfer of Google chrome files from their original locations.


This error can be solved by uninstalling the existing version of chrome and redownloading and reinstalling the newer version or just reinstalling it over the existing installation so that the files moved can be replaced by new ones.

Error 3

This error is one of the most common errors in the windows running computers caused due to administrator right issues in chrome.


If you are logged in as an administrator then log in as a regular user or if you are logged in as a regular user then try logging in as an administrator.

Error 7

This error occurs when chrome has successfully downloaded the latest update to your computer but has failed to install it.


Restart your system and after restarting open task manager (pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc). In the task manager click on the processes tab and search for a process named GoogleUpdate.exe. If you find it then you can update chrome from the browser again and it will work, but if you don’t, then you have no option left other than reinstalling.

Errors 10 and 11

These errors are commonly found in computer running the Mac operating system which have a simple solution.


Close Google chrome and click on the applications tab from the start button. Click on utilities and then open Terminal Program.

In the terminal window you need to run the following commands.

Library/ Google/Googlesoftwareupdate.bundle/contents/resources/—uninstall
Sudo/ Library/ Google/Googlesoftwareupdate.bundle/contents/resources/—uninstall

After running these commands you need to download the Google software update installer and use it to install your Google chrome server update.

Error 12

This is another error commonly found in Macs and like the ones above it has a simple solution.


In the finder menu on your screen select Go and then select Go To Folder then Library and then Caches. In the caches folder delete the files with names com.Google.Keystonecom and com.Google.UpdateEngine. Deleting these two files would have solved the issue and you can later on update your browser from the default method as you used to do.

Over to you

If none of the mentioned solutions worked then there is one which works always. Head to, download the latest version and install it.

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