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This is my second purchase from Flipkart.com, Indian online e-commerce store. I am amazed the way Flipkart is growing in India into different segments. Before jumping into theory of why Flipkart will be Amazon of India, I’ll share two of my online shopping experiences.

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Experience one: 

Gone are the days, when Music was distributed on Cassetes, CDs, DVDs, SD cards. United States of America has already witnessed Music revolution with the introduction of iTunes for selling of Music online. This happened years back when Apple introduced the iPod for holding Music in your pocket along with iTunes online store to buy Music. Unfortunately in many years, Apple couldn’t endorse with local Music Brands in each country for distribution. One of the reason because local copyright acts of each country are so different and accommodating all that into single product is big challenge. Apart from that Apple has many terms and conditions towards Music industry like single cost for any track. These terms many not be favourable to Music Brands in India. Flipkart has taken perfect advantage of Apple iTunes being delayed in India for Music distribution. Market is clean with no competitor currently. Flipkart is adding more and more Music Albums MP3 files for online distribution these days.

Few months back, I came to know about the release of new Album by my favourite Singer. Most of the times this is the moment you just can’t wait and like to rush to nearest store to buy original album. (This is also to acknowledge the efforts put by your favourite Singer. When you buy original CDs DVDs, Singers get some share out of that.) Instead of going through traditional channel I went on Flipkart Flyte Digital store and I could find the album out there. It was so tempting that I purchased the album immediately. To my surprise these were not simple mp3 files, but 320 kbps high quality music files. Flipkart also provides a software to download these files. Another surprise was that this software was also available for Mac. I could download all the tracks on my phone in few minutes and I was enjoying brand new album by my favourite singer while I was travelling to my work place.

Flipkart Online Shopping

Experience two:

Most of the times when you visit the store to buy some wide variety items like watches, good ones or cheap ones are already gone and stores can’t get rid of remaining ones, which are unsellable for many months. Then you get all that crap at “UP 50% DISCOUNT” in malls and stores. This is all because these items are not sellable. That was one of the reason I wanted to buy a branded good looking cheap watch online. I liked one watch and I placed order at 11:40 am in the morning by paying online. I got the confirmation of order and tentative time for arrival was 2 to 4 days. Shopping from Flipkart has been full of surprises for me. I actually received delivery in less than 24 hours. I was intimated next day early in the morning by a SMS, that package has been shipped and will be reaching your address before 7:00pm. The package arrived at 10:30am in the morning itself 🙂

I did little bit of digging into the Flipkart eco-system. So lets see why I believe Flipkart will be iTunes and Amazon in India. 

  • Flipkart has built warehouses & local offices all over India to deliver the products at blazing fast speed. They have heavily invested into this physical infrastructure. They have state of art connectivity from online store to these warehouses to ship the product as soon as possible. There is also reverse process to report the out of stock to online store instantly.
  • Flipkart is not relying on any courier company. They have build their own courier services. This avoids any kind of delay in intermediate hops to the destination address. There will not be any lost in transit or broken items in transit.
  • Flipkart uses international standards of packaging material to ensure product purchased is safely delivered. You can see that bubble pack wrapper is actually imported from US/Canada to assure safety to fragile items.
  • Flipkart has software architecture which follows latest technology and safety to e-commerce purchases. Flipkart has high performance servers, CDNs & most of the application use AJAX and Image lazy loading technology for faster performance.
  • Flipkart owns streaming servers to host the demo audio tracks for experiencing 30 seconds Music, before buying these tracks.

I could find this much information by spending small amount of time. I am sure if you dig deep into Flipkart eco-system, you’ll find all the good qualities of being most successful e-commerce website. I don’t find any of these qualities in most of e-commerce websites in India.

Online Shopping Packaging Material
Packaging material used is of very high quality.

3 thoughts on “Flipkart will be Apple iTunes & Amazon of India soon

  • November 12, 2012 at 7:13 pm

    That was one very simple Timex Model with date & day of the week. I am not able to find that. Looks like it is out of stock.
    If brand is not a problem, Fastrack is value for money. If you could afford 10k above, you can look for Citizen Ecodrive. With 20k budget above Tissot. If you could afford 26k above Victorinox watches are the best ones. If you could afford more….. then world is open to you with Omega, Tag Huer & the ultimate one Rolex 🙂

  • October 30, 2012 at 7:36 am

    I’m addicted to flipkart too. Even when I find that some product is marginally cheaper on another site I prefer to shop in Flipkart because the other sites have slow shipping and in case of problems don’t address it like flipkart. Now a days all my online shopping happens on flipkart only!

  • October 29, 2012 at 8:19 pm

    Which the model of your watch that you purchased. Looking forward to buy one soon. Need your opinion


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