apple iphone 5 event

apple iphone 5 event

Apple officially announced that they will be arranging an event on 12th September 2012. It is fixed that Apple will be releasing the new version of iPhone or the iPhone 5There is also a possibility that Apple will be announcing the iPad Mini and iPod 5th gen. But main focus right now is on the iPhone.

But sadly Apple has decided not to OFFICIALLY stream the even live on the web for some weird unknown reason. But you can watch the webcast live via UStream right here on TheGeekDaily. We will also be adding links to some resources where you can follow the Apple event live blog easily. Let us first talk about the timings.

Apple Event Worldwide Timing:

07:00 AM – Hawaii
10:00 AM – Pacific
11:00 AM – Mountain
12:00 PM – Central
01:00 PM – Eastern
06:00 PM – London
07:00 PM – Paris
09:00 PM – Moscow
10:30 PM – India

Live Stream

We already mentioned that you will be able to watch the unofficial 12th Sept Apple Event Live stream here on TheGeekDaily.

Live Blogs

We are going to link a few blogs that are going to Live Blog the Apple event on 12 Sept 2012.

  1. TheVerge
  2. Wired
  3. Macrumors
  4. ArsTechnica
  5. Mashable
  6. Engadget
  7. Gdgt

We will be adding a few more links if we come across any new ones. So, take a look at the timings and get ready because this event is going to be fun!

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      Can you give us the link to the YouTube source?


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