I discussed about the release of iOS4.2 and iTunes 10.1 in my post earlier, so here is a follow up on the same news.

Sources from MacStories states that iTunes 10.1 will be released today followed by release of iOS 4.2 on 12-Nov!

According to our source, 10.6.5 completed the certification stage a few hours ago and iTunes was ready 3 weeks ago — likely after the release of beta 2 to developers.

AT&T staff is required to thoroughly test all Apple mobile devices that are intended to use their networks and test them in their intended environments that include using Macs with versions Apple deems necessary to properly fulfill new test products.

The arrival of iTunes before the release of iOS 4.2 makes 100% sense as, as it’s predecessors, probably iOS 4.2 will also require iTunes 10.1.

For those who are waiting for these releases eagerly, here is some exciting news –

For iPad Users

  • Multitasking
  • Folders
  • AirPrint and AirPlay
  • Game Cente
  • Unified inbox, threading and ability to open attachments with third-party apps for Mail app
  • New search and find ability in Safari
  • UI Tweaks: volume control and brightness control straight from task switcher

For iPhone Users

  • YouTube(ability to thumbs up / down videos)
  • FaceTime link in Messages app
  • Ability to restrict installing and deletion of apps as well features of other apps.
  • UI tweaks: volume control from task switcher
  • iPhone 3G performance improvements

Clearly, there’s not much stuff for iPhone users, but still for iPhone 3G Users – there’s a light of hope with performance improvements.

As an evidence to launch of iOS, here is a screen-shot captured by a member from German blog iFUN


As always, I’ll keep you updated with the further news on release!

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