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Windows operating system hides many useful tools and features that we sometimes may not be even aware of and we simply take them as granted. One of these  useful features is a so called Windows “auto-run” utility which pops up a small window notifying us of every removable media we insert into computer such as CD, DVD or USB key. Thanks to Windows auto-run, we get convenient way of playing movies or listening to our favorite songs with just one mouse click. Unfortunately we are not the only one who like Windows auto-run feature. Malware writers like it too.


One of the first examples of trojan that was designed to take advantage of auto-run feature was notorious Switchblade Trojan, which was able (if installed on USB key) to steal all important data, password and other personal information from Windows operating system without you ever knowing about it. These days Switchblade is not so dangerous as before but instead one even more dangerous virus stepped into its place. This is so called Conficker or Downadup virus which also takes advantage of Windows auto-run to sneak into one’s computers.

Because Conficker is a very nasty virus and by nature difficult to remove we  suggest you to stop Conficker and similar trojans by disabling Windows auto-run feature once and for all.

Now there are numerous ways of disabling auto-run utility but one of the most convenient ways of doing it is to download small and free Autorun Blocker and let it do the job instead of you.

The procedure is short and simple. All you have to do is to install Autorun Blocker, run it and when prompted to choose  “disable autorun on all drives”. This will permanently disable Windows auto-run feature and secure you from any malware designed to automatically infect computer via USB.


Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 2000, Windows XP

Free Autorun Blocker Download