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5 Ways To Cool Your Overheating PC

  Machines need cooling to evacuate the high temperature that their parts create throughout utilization. In case you’re building your PC — particularly in case you’re over-clocking it — you cannot ignore but think about how you’ll cool it. High temperature within the system can really harm your machine’s equipment or foster it to get

Top 3 Budget Laptops under 25000 For Students (2014)

Buying a laptop can be a real daunting task these days, especially for students who needs more than average performance but are on a strict budget. As AMD and Intel both are launching newer and cheaper chip sets for attracting budget conscious consumers, one should basically avoid the lowest priced laptops out there. Based on our experience, we

Microsoft Surface Pro 3, is it going to replace laptops?

We still remember the day when Microsoft announced about Surface tablet for the first time, and today is just another day when Microsoft has again announced Surface tablet with some improvised features and functionality and named  it as Surface Pro 3. But the question is, even though after launching Windows based Surface tablet with some power

Lenovo IdeaPad Y580 Review

Lenovo Ideapad

If you’re looking for a kick-ass high-end gaming laptop, here’s the best buy for you. Lenovo IdeaPad Y580 is one of the despite mid-range, a high-range performance gaming laptop. IdeaPad Y580 Specifications Processor : Intel Core i5-3210M (2.5 Ghz / 3 Mb L3 Cache.) which ensured delivery of stunning renders and awesome gaming performance. RAM : 8 Gb

Top 6 Laptop Coolers of 2012-2013 : Best Recommended Models


Laptop coolers are an essential  accessory for a laptop. It is a common phenomena that the laptops do get heated up after continual usage and there is a possibility of your lap getting heat marks or scorch marks.Laptop coolers helps to avoid this unnecessary difficulty and have become a common feature in most modern day laptop accessory lists. Laptop coolers works in different