Battery Life over Thickness of Phone

The article talks about the topic Battery life over thickness of phone The latest generation of phones, 5 inches wide are power hungry and battery backup is the major cause of concern now. No more is the thinness of the device a fancy among vendors and they are looking out for bigger batteries. The ‘thin’

The All Over Best Electronic Gifts for Christmas 2012

Let us discuss the all over best electronic gifts for Christmas 2012. We all love to get gifts and to gift people. So, what if you want to gift some electronic good? Which category of electronic goods should you gift? In my previous posts i covered best gifts in various categories. Today, i cover all

Top 5 Games for Nexus 7 Tablets

Riptide GP

In the fastest growing market of tablets, Google recently launched its very powerful device named as Nexus 7 tablet. This device has a 7 inch screen and runs on the Google Android 4.1 operating system. This tablet from Google isn’t just limited for web browsing and watching videos, but it is much more then that.

Entertainment Apps of Android Best of 2012 Part Four

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Best Android Cooking Entertainment Apps What can be more entertaining than cooking and filling your tummy with delicious appetizers? Therefore, hop on to the next paragraph and see what Android entertainment apps have got for you to entertain while cooking. Recipe Search The first thing you need to fulfill before you can fill your tummy

Entertainment Apps of Android Best of 2012 Part Three

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Best Video Chatting Entertainment Apps Skype With Skype you can do the Video Conferencing on your Android Smartphone. Before rolling out for Android, the Skype had already set up its market in the world using the Windows and Mac platforms. Skype offers services like video conferencing free of cost from anywhere to any part of

Entertainment Apps of Android Best of 2012 Part Two

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Best Ticket Booking Entertainment Apps Book My Show Book My show is an amazing entertainment app. With this app, you can book tickets for almost all kinds of movie shows, drama shows, sports events and exhibitions that are happening around you in the city. The interface of this app is so good. The transaction server

Entertainment Apps of Android Best of 2012 Part One

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The Android has got many Entertainment Apps which are ready for you to amaze wherever you are. No one who has an Android smartphone is there who does not use the entertainment apps. But it happens that we might not be aware of all the good Entertainment apps available on the Play Store. Best Music

Best Laptops For The Upcoming Year 2013

Let us see the Best Laptops for the Upcoming Year 2013. This year, few of the best laptops available have become affordable, luring people into upgrading their system. Before the buy, you need to get sure which one of them is most suitable for your needs. So, it is utterly important you look into the