Social Media For Gaining Traffic

Before you jump in to gain traffic from social media, It is very important to understand the social media & if you haven’t read our previous post Importance of Social Media in Blogging , please read it.

For most of the new bloggers today, Social Media is a great tool to show off their skills & knowledge in any niche. It was quite hard in past to find websites hat share good content as well as knowledge – But the power of social media is establishing a great readership across the  blogosphere.

There are hundreds of great social media sites like Digg, Stumble, Mixx, etc., available today where writers, bloggers, photographers & artist can show case their work. As Digg & Stumbleupon are giving highest numbers of traffic to blogs , I thought it would be great to share tips for bloggers to get large volume of traffic from such social media giants.

Social Media For Gaining Traffic

How to get traffic from StumbleUpon and Digg:

1. Content is King –You may  have read it hundreds of the time but still remember the content  must be original, quality & interesting. There are thousands of others sharing stuff on social media, and you can stand out of the garbage only when you have something new & interesting to offer.

2. Choose  Title & Description Carefully – Imagine that you have written really awesome article about something & it is tagged with some lame title & lousy description, social media audience will not choose to come to your site. Because you can not describe it properly. The traffic will only come to you when you have written attractive & relevant titles for your posts. Title should be catchy to grab attention to your articles.

3. Understanding the audiences – Most  of the social media users are bloggers, webmasters & web geeks. So it is very clear that they will definitely not gonna give you a good revenue from Adsense or other PPC ads. But Remember – building good readership & brand name across the blogosphere you need those guys to read & comment your blog. Their opinions are very necessary to improve your writing & content. Always give second preference to revenues when you’re at growing stage.

4. Category Filtering : All of the social media sites have good category filtering options available, so never forget to choose best category that suits your content. It makes it easy for readers to reach your content.

5. Appreciating others : Some blogger keeps on sharing their own articles, but do not actively participate in others content , which is very bad habit & you can never stand out of the crowd like that way. Always appreciate others, comment on others. Because it’s all about going social ,isn’t it ?

6. Connect with others : You can make friends on social media like you do on Facebook, which can help you share your latest posts & articles. Their comments will always help you to improve your content writing.  So, getting connected & sharing is as important as content. Because they can give you all the traffic that are following your connection.

Though all the above tips will help you to gain traffic from any of the social media sites, There are some unique ways you can promote your posts on Digg & Stumble differently, to gain much traffic.

Get traffic from Digg:

Digg, if you patiently observe all the top stories – It highlights all the news stories mostly. Like introduction of new cellphone or Elections in any country or anything that is making news.So, whenever you know you are posting some new article, do promote it on Digg first.

Digg allows us to make friends who have similar interests. So you join all the people who you are interested in. So you can share your posts with them

Every time you Digg something Don’t forget to hit the share button. Using share option lets your connections know all the time. So chances are good that you get much Diggs from them.

These Diggs can move your post to the Digg home page’s Upcoming new posts, and can gain you loads of traffic in small time. Remember that traffic from Digg lasts for initial days only like one or two weeks & not for like months. And if you write really hot news on that can can attract lot of Diggs, prepare your servers for much traffic.

Get traffic from StumbleUpon:

Stumble upon focuses on the informative articles than news stories as per our observation from past years.  As I mentioned earlier that Digg traffic last for few days, opposite case is applicable to Stumble.

Stumble upon can send you gentle amount of traffic for quite long period if you have really informative post to share.

Getting into proper categories before posting to stumble is very important, as stumblers bounce quickly if they found irrelevant articles.

Stumble upon toolbar allows its users to jump from post to post randomly, So be sure to write your descriptions short & easy from stumble to understand. It is only key to get traffic from stumble upon.

Stumblers also tend to read a lot (if its informative off-course !), so chances are more that they’ll browse your other articles too than Digg uses. So, always keep your relevant posts connected by plugins like related posts or popular posts.

This is how you can use social media traffic to give your blog some good exposure & and gain large readership for your blogs.

3 thoughts on “How To Get Traffic From StumbleUpon and Digg

  • August 20, 2010 at 11:00 am

    The truth is that social media helps A LOT. I’m a beginner in blogosphere and gather as much infomations as i can. I’ve seen that if you’re builbing a blog by your own you should make accounts in some social media sites, but the account MUST be for the blog , not for your personal name. Intimacy, you know…. Good luck, everyone.

  • August 13, 2010 at 2:18 pm

    Ok, I have been trying to use these sites for about a year now to market my blog. Personally i have had no luck. I have 300 members on my blog, and none of them seem to want to *market* their work either. Which I personally find ABSURD!

    However, none the less, I am interested. How many man hours a week would you argue is needed to begin using these social networking tools to bring people to your website? and what kind of traffic are you talking about? 10 people a day? 20 ?

    Personally, I have been really interested in this type of stuff, but I find it hard meeting people that are interested in venturing out to look at new material on the web. I also find it hard to find people period really. Any tips on finding friends on these networks as they seem to be the key to bring people to your site?


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