android operating system jellybean

android operating system jellybean

If you haven’t installed latest version from Android from other sources onto your Galaxy S III, then you’d be thrilled to know that Samsung has confirmed that they will start rolling out JellyBean update for Galaxy S III’s in India shortly after 20th of October.

JellyBean will not only bring a new user-interface to your flagship device, but also foster its security. Last month, Samsung revealed that Galaxy S III’s have out-numbered its predecessors in terms of sales figures. According to the company, they have sold 20 million units in 100 days – that’s three and six times quicker than Galaxy S II and Galaxy S respectively.

Asian countries including India account for second biggest market for Galaxy S III, and since Samsung begun rolling out JellyBean updates in Europe last week, it’s quite obvious that Indian Galaxy S III owners will get teensy JellyBeans soon.

So, are you excited?

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