Top 10 Most Popular Chrome Game Apps

Most of us use Google Chrome. There are many new apps added to the blank chrome tab. The Chrome Web Store is gaining importance day by day with these apps. There are hundreds of game apps available for you in the Google Chrome Web Store. It gives us a glimpse of what future gaming would […]

Top Upcoming games For The Dedicated Gamers

Gaming continues to evolve and improve, with the flips and beeps of early Atari consoles evolving into the thousand-page scripts of the modern era. gamers world needs frequent update. check your pocket money, check your savings and gear up your consoles, get ready for some serious shit. these games are going to get released soon in the market and its […]

Wii U – Upcoming Video Game Console from Nintendo

                                                    The Wii U is an upcoming exciting video game console from Nintendo as the successor of the Wii Family edition which was launched in late 2011. It removed Nintendo […]

Be ready for Angry Birds Star Wars

Don't Angry be Me:: Angry bird holding electric swords

From the franchise of ROVIO Entertainment, Angry Birds moving to its next level are joining the forces with Star Wars. Angry Birds and Star Wars are the two things which are bound to gain success. And on November 8, 2012 Angry Birds will be going to be launched worldwide. The Game like its previous editions include all the background […]

Top 5 Free Android Racing Games To Enjoy Speedy Racing

5 free android racing games

When one of you have an android then you have a lot of fun in it like internet,fabulous games and other special features.Everybody like to play games especially racing games which includes both bike and car racing games.Everybody knows that to get something special you have to pay for it and that’s also true for […]

GPU Caps Viewer Vs GPU-Z : Know Your Graphics Card Specification

I have seen a lot of my friends saying that they have a 1GB graphics card or 2 GB graphics card and my immediate question always is “which card (Manufacturer), and what are it’s specifications“. Most of the graphics card which come bundled with costly laptops like Lenovo, Samsung, HP, Acer, and other manufactures can […]

Xbox 360 Kinect is still the leader in Gaming

Microsoft announced about Kinect Sensor in June-2010 during E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo). Kinect Sensor is a 3 dimensional camera, works with Xbox 360 console as Gaming input. This was an answer to Most successful gaming console Nintendo Wii at that time, which worked on the principles of wireless motion sensor. XBox 360 with Kinect removes […]

How to play Crisis 2 on iPad: All about Cloud Gaming


Crysis2, Darksiders 2, Batman: Arkham City  are all CPU and hardware intensive games that will squeeze even the last drop of juice from your device. So how do you run such heavy and demanding games of a system with minimal hardware specifications say a mobile phone or tablet. The answer lies in Cloud Gaming.Cloud gaming, […]