Processor Selection Guide For Servers, Business & Gaming

processor for business

When it comes to processor considerations, the home users falls into one of the two categories – The Gaming Enthusiastic and Regular Work users who are budget conscious. Budget PC owners would use their computer for surfing the web,doing home accounting and Microsoft word related job. On the other hand gamers would push their PC […]

Xbox 360 Kinect: Future Entertainment in Present!


Gamers have you experienced Kinect yet? A head spinning technology brought to reality by Microsoft! Well if you haven’t, here’s your chance to experience the virtual world of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Kinect. In this post, I’ll cover an over-view of how far can Kinect take you and what are its potentials. You are the controller. […]

10 Benefits of Playing Video Games

PC gaming

10 Benefits of Playing Video Games, and Why it’s Cool! It is a much debated issue in most of household where there are video game addicts, usually kids. Teenage is most profoundly known for mistakes, but is Video Gaming a mistake? It is definitely a time killer which could be utilized in education, but a […]

How Much GPU Memory do You Need?

Graphic Card

When it comes to Graphic cards, non-gamer PC & Laptop buyers’ first question usually is “Do I need a Graphic Card?”. The following post answers that question.

How to Play Games Without Graphic Card

Has this ever happened to you that  you bought  a brand new game which  launches, but gives you a black screen or strange graphics and textures? Or maybe sounds but no sign of video? If your answer is yes then you need 3D-Analyze, a tool developed by Tommiti systems.  It solves all your problems of […]

(How To) Play Multiplayer Games via LAN and WLAN

Hey guys the time has come up where now you can play games with LAN and WLAN. How to play??. Now if you are new to this articles and you do not have any knowledge about connections refer these two tutorials. Build your own network via Wireless LAN Build your own network at home The […]