GeniusHackers Contest:Your chance to win 25$

GeniusHackers Contest:Your chance to win 25$


This contest is closed


Name Number of Original posts Number of copy paste posts Total points
Bobby 4 1 18
Shantanu 1 1 6
kartik sukumaran 0 0 0

To participate in this contest you have to register in this site and drop in your name in the comments here.
The rules of the contest are as follows:

  • You can post anything that is related to computers, internet, technology, if you find any interesting post in some blog or a forum share it with other users here( No Hacking and Cracking Content please)
  • Please check if a similar post is posted on this blog before posting. You can use the search on the top of this page to check.
  • You get 4 points for posting your original content and 2 in the other case
  • In case you have taken the post from some other site please mention the source in your post
  • If you post the content taken from some other site as your own content then 4 points will be subtracted from your account
  • You also get points for referring your friends,you get 20% of their points. Ask the person whom you refer to mention your name in the comments here.
  • You should have a minimum of 35 points to be eligible for first /second prizes
  • The person with highest number of points wins the contest
  • In case of a tie the person with more number of original posts wins
  • You will be awarded 2 points for reporting fraud
  • Admin reserves the right to call of the competition if there are less than 10 participants
  • Contest closes on 15th February 2008


  • 1st prize 15$ or a domain name
  • 2nd prize 10 $ and
  • Special prizes for the top three articles

Prize money will be given via paypal, I can also deposit the money in your bank account if you are from india

People those who want to participate in the competition drop in your names in the comments here.

If you have any suggestions or questions you can post them here.

Some tips for posting original content:

Choose a topic about which you are passionate.

Try to give your best shot in your first post. The thrill and satisfaction you get in sharing gives you the motivation for your further posts.

Gud luck

12 thoughts on “GeniusHackers Contest:Your chance to win 25$

  1. HI nunnajaikish
    Thanx for your interest in participating, you should be registered in this blog to be able to participate. First register and login to your account. In your admin page you can find the write option in the horizontal navigation, click and strt posting from there. posting is as simple a writing a mail.Please select appropriate categories fro your post and fill the options in the seo pack if you can.
    All the best

  2. hi shantanu
    you can start posting now.if you have any problems posting drop in here. i will be updating the scores here daily
    All the best

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