Get 7 Months Connectify Pro license For Free!

If you have too many devices around your room you might have heard of  “Connectify”,a software which turns your device into Wi-fi Hotspot!,you can share your internet connection with other devices without using router,this software will be really helpful during travel and other places.

What is Connectify??

If you don’t have a costly wireless router or If you want to extend your Home Wi-fi range or Your admin of Wi-fi sharing this is perfect software for you, Connectify allows users to convert their Computer to portable Hotspot.Apart from this users can manage the connection,they can disable internet/LAN access for particular device or remove a particular device alone.Users can also send files easily to connected devices just by dragging and dropping the file to the device icon in Connectify.There are 3 famous Wi-fi connection allowed using Connectify namely open,WEP,WPA2(if you have android device use WPA2).

Whats special about PRO feature??

Connectify is available for Free to download but PRO features are very attractive and smart.Exclusive PRO features include custom hotspot names (in free version you can only have the Hotspot name as “connectify-“), 3G/4G tethering, unlimited drag and drop file transfers, automatic internet selection, and so much more.whenever there is update or bug-fixes PRO users will be getting the update automatically.

How To Get 7 Months Connectify Pro license For Free ??

Connectify gives 7months PRO license for College students for free!! If you’re a college student and if you have a .edu or email id you can straight away got to this URL and get a Free license (its a FB page so please log into your FB and open the link).If you don’t have a .edu email Id you dont need to worry we show you how to get 5$ worth .edu email ID for FREE!

  • Hit This Link.
  • Fill up the form. You need a Social Security Number (SSN) and Phone Number for account creation (US citizen detail).
  • You can get fake SSN numbers and phone numbers from This Link.
  • Complete the registration by providing some basic information like current email ID and password
  • After completing, You will get an EDU email address with a student ID.
  • It will take about 20 minutes to activate your account,so please wait patiently
  • After 20 minutes, Go to This Link and login to your .edu email account with your Student ID and Password.
After Creating this free .edu email ID Click this link and register for a free License,you will receive the license within 15minutes from registration.Now download the free Version from this link and enter the Email Id and the license key, Your Connectify is now PRO with 7months validity!!!!
P.S.  This promotion will be available for 2-4days so be quick and grab your key
Share this post and get a key for your friend too!! If You have any problem/Query feel free to drop it down

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    The address you entered is not valid for this promotion.

    Please use a valid .edu email address. If you don’t have a .edu address, you can still download and enjoy the free Lite version of Connectify or purchase a Pro license below.

    • July 29, 2012 at 10:27 am

      hi sir i have a valid id


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