‘Get’ Button, Instead Of ‘Free’ Label In The App Store

Now you won’t get any ‘Free’ label for the apps that are free in the App Store, instead you will see that the button has changed. It is now known as ‘Get’. The apps that didn’t involve any immediate cost was termed as free apps and when you scroll through the pages of the App Store earlier, you would see that the button said Free on that. In case, it is a paid app, then you will have to click on the button, which had the price scribble on it. But, now the ‘Free’ has changed to ‘Get’ and this tiny little difference has been witnessed by all its users. First, it was a setback for the users because they thought that every app will be charged from now on, but that is not the case.

Get Button Instead Of Free Label In The App Store

Every section is affected

It is not the only one section that has seen this change, also you will find the change in different App Store sections of the desktop version as well as the mobile version. This small language change has not been made only across iOS, but various other mobile platforms have incorporated this change. Different mobile stores have incorporated the behavior tweaks last year only, but that was mainly due to the immense pressure upon them from the Federal Trade Commission as well as the European Union. The European Union is believed to come up with a list of guidelines, which included a point where it said that the mobile platforms have to get rid of the word like ‘Free’ from their own respective stores where they sell their apps. This announcement has been made in the month of September already, so it was a matter of time when the giants will give in to this suggestion.

Apple v/s Google

apple vs google

Though Apple has already made the changes, but Google is still using the word ‘Free’ in its Google Play Store. Though many thought that both the giants will give in to the idea because it was suggested by none other than the European Union, but Google has managed to stay away from it till date. Google added up an extra option in its Google Play Store in March, where you have to facilitate a password for almost every purchase of an in – house app. The users can’t get away with these settings because if you do not set up a password, the company has tweaked a certain amount of time after which the store will ask for it once again. The consumers have been complaining about misleading ease of use of in-app purchases, both from Apple as well as Google and this has lead to million dollar settlements due to these complaints. This has been the hot topic of discussion, since Amazon also refused to go with the guideline and is ready to fight a claim in the court.

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