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Although there are several tools on internet to find statistics and traffic analysis of any website like CubeStat, Website Outlook etc. but if you need a more detailed analysis of a website for example, age of the website, popularity in social media, traffic details etc. then I would recommend you to check out SiteTrail.

Site Trail
Site Trail – Trail website for hottest content, Analyze your website for insights

With SiteTrail you can learn almost everything you need to know in a website. It analyzes:-

Social Media – Finds out how a website has performed on various social networking websites like Digg, Facebook, Twitter, Topsy, Yahoo, MySpace etc.

These details would help you to understand how people are interacting with your website, if they are bookmarking it and sharing your content with their friends it suggest that you content is good and people want to recommend your content to their friends.

Visitors – Breaks down your traffic into segments based on the region from where people are visiting your website.

Many advertisers are interested in location specific advertising, let’s say, if your website has high amount traffic coming from United States then advertisers targeting U.S. traffic for your niche would be keenly interested in advertising with you.

Traffic – Searches various websites like Alexa, Compete, Quantcast and Technorati to provide a relative score for the website.

Alexa, Compete and similar websites ranks each website based on its traffic, so it would give you an idea regarding how your website is performing relatively to other websites in terms of traffic. Although Alexa Rank is just numbers (it can go up and down anytime), but Technorati Rank is quite useful for bloggers.

Revenue – Provides users with an estimate value of their website along with daily revenue and a few other details.

This is just an estimate based on traffic and countries visiting your website, you can’t rely on it completely. If your website shows a value of $1 million, it doesn’t mean that somebody would actually be interested in buying your website for one million dollars. The actual worth of a website is its readership and how people are interacting with the website, whether they are recommending it to their friends or not.

Content – Crawls your webpage for meta tags and keywords used.

These details give you an idea how your website looks to a crawler, Google also uses GoogleBot to crawl websites so these meta tags are quite useful.

Link – Analyzes links a website has received from various other sites and search engines.

Everybody knows that the more number of quality link backs you have, the higher your website is ranked in Google. Google PageRank is also based on this idea, if you have link backs from already reputed websites, your website is considered good.

Hosting – Gives you information about the location of your web host.

It is useful just in case you want additional information, by the way, all the information about your web host would be given on site from where you purchased you hosting plan.

Server – Analyzes your web server and web pages to give you details about software used, page load time, server configuration etc.

So far, it is the most important resource unveiled by SiteTrail. With software used, Languages used you would understand how your website works. My website uses a lot of JavaScript code and thus I need to reduce it in order to decrease the load time of my blog.

WhoIs – Almost everyone today uses WhoIs Guard but if a website is not using WhoIs Guard, you would be able to know the name and address of the person who has registered that domain name.

DNS Record – Your website interacts with server using a DNS Nameserver, if you have changed your web hosting plan recently, then you must have changed Domain Nameservers, this resource gives you a record of nameservers which you have used for your website.

HTTP Header – Reveals how your website reacts to incoming Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) requests from connecting clients (e.g. web browsers).

SiteTrail can also be used as a RSS Reader, the My News tab in SiteTrail lets you Trail different website. Trailing the website would gather all the latest entries posted on that blog/website and list them into SiteTrail Account.

What do you think about SiteTrail? Leave a comment down below with your reply. Thanks.

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