Get Siri[like] Assistant on Your Older iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Since the release of Siri with iOS 5, it has always been in NEWS for some or the other reason. Apple proved yet again its ability to keep users tied up to their Apple devices. The only glitch was Siri was officially launched for only iPhone 4s, leaving iPhone 3/3gs/4, iPad 1/2 and iPod Touch underhanded.

So what, if Apple left those old devices orphan, devs worked on a number or Siri like assistants which enables users owning older devices to have a feel of virtual voice assistant.  I bring you a list of such clones which are not only like Siri but intelligent as well. These application are supported on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


To begin with the list, the first one I would like to place is Evi, a simple yet powerful Assistant. She’s a cute and intelligent assistant. Not only does she know a lot of things that could increase your productivity, it loves to help you. The devs have worked hard to develop it and though after launch the servers were overwhelmed with the responses, it now works alright. The downside is it can not perform native tasks such as creating a note, calling your contact and sending SMS etc. A good feature and the one that let’s you know it’s always learning is, after every action it performs it’ll ask you for the feedback in terms of “Thumbs Up” and “Thumbs Down”.

The UI is pretty much clean and beautiful and you can get it for a decent $0.99 from App Store. But if you are someone looking for more than just churning out information from Google, then go for other options.

SpeakToIt Assistant

SpeakToIt Assistant is the brain child from SpeakToIt (Speak To It) which does more than just churning out information from Google. It’s the new addition to App Store and Android Market and provides much more productivity then EVI. It can do almost everything that Siri can but with the limitation that it is not totally integrated with the iOS. Speaktoit Assistant is a visual overhaul of Siri that comes with two avatars that react to your questions through facial expressions, blink of eye and more. You can create notes, make calls, send text messages and much more, unlike Evi.

Overall it’s a nice legal assistant which matches up very closely to Siri and can make you smile for just $1.99, although it was free for first 100,000 users on Valentines day. Visit App Store to do download.

You might ask “Isn’t Jailbreak Community doing anything to bring?”

Think twice before asking that :p Jailbreak community is always a step ahead when it comes to mimicking Apple features and rather they do it in a better way 😀 Let’s look at the most successful and a better Siri clone named “Sara”.


Before you read, watch this:

I know, you loved it and its awesome. It’s the best Siri clone till date which purports to offer much more than what Siri offers and it is believed that with time the developer is planning to enhance it to a great extent. Regardless to say that it is integrated with iOS fully and does more than what Siri can do. Developer claims, it’ll have open brain and people will be able to create plugins in future releases. It’s ability to scan barcodes and QR codes is the one that sets it apart from its counterpart. Also it works in all states and countries worldwide unlike Siri, that loves only it’s natives. One more Amazing advantage is it is available in more than 35 languages.. All this at 0 cost.

After testing it personally it is the best solution till date, but the response times are sluggish as the developer can not afford high-end servers like Apple. His only source of income is through Ads that are put on his website and he is accepting all kind of donations which will help him enhance server capabilities. Furthermore, unlike Apple, all information flows through developer’s debatable secure server which might be risky and a threat to privacy. I would recommend you to be cautious going forward with Sara.

To get it, just add to your source list in cydia and download your device specific version.

An advice would be to stay away from untested Siri clones as they may breach security and may expose you and your information to unwanted people. All above Clones are tested personally by me and you are safe to use them, just you need to be cautious while using Sara.

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5 thoughts on “Get Siri[like] Assistant on Your Older iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

  • May 29, 2012 at 6:52 pm

    it should come with the uptdae since siri is part of the iOS 5.0 software uptdae. Along with iMessage and all of that good stuff. Im getting the 4s but if i was use i wouldn’t upgrade if u already have the 4. hope this answers ur question. thumbs up please trying to get to level 2

  • February 24, 2012 at 11:58 pm

    Thanks Vishal for your appreciation. And am always trying to write more quality stuff as and when time permits me.

  • February 19, 2012 at 6:49 pm

    A nice article in nice presentation. I hope you will provide more articles in such an easy and understandable language.
    I dont understand why my article was not accepted till now i submitted it on 31st of january

    • February 19, 2012 at 7:00 pm

      Hello Vishal,
      Mailed you the details on why your article is not published.


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