GH Birth Day Celebrations | Prizes worth 100$ to be Won

GH Birth Day Celebrations | Prizes worth 100$ to be Won

Hello GH readers,

GeniusHackers.Com is going to Celebrate its first BirthDay on 10th September. Thank you all for your support. Without your support GH wouldn’t have made so far.We now have 400+ feed readers, 1000+ registered users, 3000 visits per day etc and plethora of comments from the GH community have improved the overall stuff on GH day by day.

We have planned a grand contest on the occasion of GH birth day, Please find some time to participate in it and show your love.

Best writer Award: ( Payout-25$)
Want to share the cool experience you had with the new gadget you got, or jot down a new Do-It-Yourself (DIY) hack for that iPhone? We’ll love to reward you for the article you write for

  • share interesting trick you have come across.
  • Share how you solved a problem with your pc.
  • Write a review about a software you tried.
  • Linux tutorials and reviews.
  • Review of the new electronic gadget you bought.
  • Windows tips.
  • Hacking tutorials.
  • Network security tips.

If there’s something thats not on the list , drop me a line, I’ll see if we can add it up here.

Note: We have prizes for every quality article you post, so don’t worry if your article misses out in the above contest. We love good content and love to pay you for your contribution.

Word of mouth (Payout-25$):

Again as the name suggests this contest is for spreading the news about this contest, to participate in this contest you must post about the contest with a link to this page and in your blog. Once you are done with posting the contest post a link to your post in comments here. winners will be decided by a lucky draw.

Subscribe to our blog updates to stay tuned .

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Consolation freebies

And yeah, We are giving out handy 2 domains( .com/.net whichever is available) , one for each contest.


  • Strictly no copy paste posts. Plaigiarism is bad :-)
  • No illegal content ( No serious hacking stuff)
  • Check if the article has been posted before ( You can use the search box on top of this page).
  • Please use spell check before you submit your entries, optimize the images before you upload them and don’t use images with width more than 540 pixels.
  • You can submit any number of entries.
  • Winners will be decided based on the response we get for your posts ( Number of comments and the number views for your post will be taken into account while deciding your post popularity).
  • You are free to promote your post on social networking sites like stumble,facebook, orkut, myspace…
  • In case if you submit multiple entries your score for each entry will added.

Prize money will be given via PayPal. If you are from India you have an option to get it deposited in your bank account.


Useful Links


1) How do I post my article??

Posting an article is very simple, register using the link given above, once done login with the password thats mailed to you. Once you are logged in you will find a link to post your article “Write Post”. When you are done with writing your article submit it for review.

2) Why should I update my profile ??

GeniusHackers.Com has 1000+ readers via email and 3000 visitors per day. So updating your profile will give you recognition among the readers of GH and other participants in the contest.

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