gionee s5.5 review by the geeks daily

gionee s5.5 by the geeks daily

Gionee launched their new mid-range device ‘Gionee S5.5′ this Feb 2014 at Mobile World Congress. Gionee has been successful to acquire the title for the slimmest phone manufacturer till now. Yes, Gionee has created the slimmest phone in the world i.e Gionee S5.5.

The device was earlier released in images but it appeared for the first time on the stage of MWC 2014. Gionee has launched a series of devices in many countries till the end of 2013. In India the company is paying much attention because of the economical and mid-range device buyers.

gionee s5.5 review by the geeks daily

For the promotion of the company in a country like India, the company has been following up a number of advertisement programs. Gionee has been dominating the Indian mobile market since its launch of its very first device. The company has made the survival of Micromax, Karbonn, and Xolo much difficult with its devices and products.

Gionee S5.5 ,the name itself describes the best part of the device. Yes, the device is surprisingly 5.5 mm thick. However, you might be thinking what could be done  in such a slim phone. Well,I would like to mention that the performance of the device can blow up your mind. So without wasting any more time let’s jump into the review.

Overview of device

If we talk about the overview of the device, it is able to give us a premium feel which is equal to that of iPhone 5s. The device is so slim that you forget the fact that you are holding a mobile device. In terms of looks, the color and gloss on the device will also sway your mind away. The device fits in almost every size of palm and it gives a very comfortable feel.

gionee s5.5 by the geeks daily

Built, Design and more!

Well, coming to the physical review of the device. As mentioned above, the device in terms of looks is not far away from iPhone s5. The gloss on the device is breathtaking. The interesting feature about the device is that the company has provided ‘Gorilla Glass’ protection in front as well as at back of the device. The button placement for the device is also very effective . If you are having a small palm you wont have any difficulty in accessing the volume rockers or power button.

The shine or gloss that Gorilla Glass provides to the device is also the key component for the attractive looks of the device. The 5.5 mm thickness of the device is quite impressive. The device is so thin that you just get vexed whether you are holding a mobile or a bundle of 10 sheets of paper.

The company is providing two variants for the device, Gold and Silver. My personal favorite is White one! Maybe you’ll like the Gold one but for me its gives some out dated looks to the device. Whereas, the White model always stays in fashion.

gionee s5.5 review by thegeesdaily

UI & Interface

Well, the UI of the device is also very fresh  from the stock Android. Don’t consider it as a forked version of Android. This is just an edited Android for Gionee devices like Samsung, Sony, and HTC etc. Gionee has made their new UI on Android 4.2.3. However, the company has also mentioned that the new updates with Android 4.4.2 will be rolled out soon.

As far as the performance of the UI is concerned, the device won’t disappoint you at any point. The UI is very much fresh and clean. The windows animations are adopted from the original Android jelly Bean but the additional customizations makes it even more clean and fast.

The interface doesn’t have any new placement of options.The company has improvised the performance and has made the UI out of  new looks apart from the stock Android look’s


The display on the device is extremely quirky and vivid. The display is so soothing that you just can’t take your eyes off from it. The full HD display with 1920×1080 pixels resolutions gives a great sense of game play and video quality. The highly Super AMOLED display with Gorilla Glass protection makes the display crisp that it gives long lasting impression to the eyes. The display provides a pixel density of 401 ppi which is much more than the Apple’s retina display.

Hardware Specs

  1. Device comes with a 5 inch HD Super AMOLED display with Gorillas Glass protection.
  2. Device runs on 1.7GHz Octa-core processor.
  3. Device comes with 2 gigs of RAM.
  4. 13 MP primary cameras.
  5. 5 MP secondary cameras.
  6. 3G, Wifi, Bluetooth etc. are available.


The device comes with a normal 2300 mAh battery which is the power house for the device. The device is featured with good 3G capabilities hence provides a decent backup. On the other hand the gaming backup on the device is also astounding. The device has provided me a backup of 7+ hours upon gaming. If you are a casual user of the device, you don’t need to charge it whole day. But if you are using it for internet and gaming you might require it to charge it by the evening.

The device is being sold at a price of Rs. 22,000 in Indian market but you can still find the device for around Rs. 21,000 at some special discounts. However, the device is a great selection for those who want a powerful device with good protection and great camera captures

Gionee S5.5 (Unboxing) by FoneArena

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