GMail 4.2 for Android leaked : Instructions to install and review included

Android applications gets update round the clock but Gmail for android remains clunky with old user interface with no extra feature, in this post I am going to show how to install the “leaked” GMail 4.2 app (the version you have is 4.1.1) . This leak is rumored to be have come from a LG Nexus ROM, whatever! who cares we have the update even before google officially announces it!!!, the following are instructions to install this leaked app, your device need to be rooted to do this.

How to install leaked Gmail app:

  1. Head to this URL and download the apk file.
  2. Put the apk in internal memory of your device.
  3. Using Titanium backup take a backup of old Gmail App and uninstall it, if you don’t have Titanium Backup uninstall through other 3rd pary applications or remove the app manually from system/app and /data/app, don’t forget to remove the .odex file also.
  4. Reboot your phone.
  5. Install the new Gmail and TaDa!! you have all new Gmail app

What’s new with V4.2 ??

I loved the leaked app just after installing it, it includes the much requested pinch-to-zoom option where users can zoom in and out of an email, this feature was not included in the previous version. Pinch to zoom is really a big deal because when the email has small text or an embedded image reading that is very difficult, you need to increase the font size or use web gmail.

Another Amazing feature is swipe to delete or Archive, in earlier version user need to select an email for deleting or archiving but in this users can simply swipe an email (like you swipe to call and message), while swiping you can configure to delete or archive it or ask what to do. This greatly saves lot of times for people who handle too many mails a day. Other features include option to report phishing an email which helps Google to keep you posted regarding phishing mails.

Bottom line:

Techbu readers are very lucky because Google didn’t release the update yet, I personally installed it and its working fine, so what are you waiting for?? dont wait for late official release, read the instruction and install the app right away, spread this leak with your Android buddies

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