Gmail for Mac – The Desktop App of the Best Email Client

Gmail for Mac – The Desktop App of the Best Email Client

Gmail is the most used email service used by each and every person as his email client. I would even say that every person has at least 2-3 accounts with Gmail all for different purposes. As Gmail is a product of Google, you don’t have to worry about any problems as the powerful servers of the biggest Internet company is backing the service. But that’s not the point of this post as Gmail for Mac is finally coming in a few months.

Till now you had to go to Gmail’s official site and add your email address and password to open your account and see all the emails. But how awesome would be it if you had an official desktop client for Gmail. The app version is already available for Android OS and iOS but there’s nothing for PC.

But the company known as Zive and its founders Eric Shashoua and Ryan Shetley launched a Kickstarter campaign (which got successfully funded today) to create a desktop client of the email service – which is Gmail for Mac.

Features of Gmail for Mac Desktop Client:

Since apps like Outlook and Mail doesn’t come with the power and functionality of Gmail, it was tiresome and when you wanted to use Gmail, you had to do some web browsing to do it.

But we all know that Gmail has been and will stay the most powerful email client, someone had to come forward and take it upon themselves to build a desktop client for Mac.

gmail for mac brief features

An app that you can launch on your desktop, access all your emails, read them and reply them, create and send new emails and do everything that you can do with Gmail. An app that is clean and simple, comes with menubar dropdowns and shortcuts and with a feature to add multiple accounts, what more could you ask for!

The app when downloaded and installed from the App store will be just a click away for you. With a dock-icon, you can launch the app on your desktop to access all your emails.

Multiple Accounts:

With the app, you can use multiple accounts with Gmail and thus saving you from the hassle of signing in and signing out all the time. Switch between multiple accounts with just one click.

Dropdown Menubar Access:

Get the email windows on your desktop by clicking on the dock icon easily. No more digging for the client as it is just a click away.

Huge Attachments:

This is something really awesome! You can send huge files, and with huge I mean up to Gigabytes in size. The developers fixed Google Drive and as a result, you can send huge files with the app. It works so don’t ask how!

Gmail Shortcuts works:

If you are familiar with Gmail shortcuts and use it in the browser often then you can continue using them with the app as well as Gmail shortcut works for the app as well.

gmail for mac screenshot

Supports Google Apps:

Google Apps for school, work and business are supported by Gmail for Mac desktop client.

Turn Off Notification Sounds:

You get a notification every time you receive an email but with the Zen Switch, you can turn off this notification sounds temporarily and the app is smart enough to know when to turn it back on.

Supports Gmail Plugins:

Various Gmail plugins like Boomerang, Contactually, Right Inbox, Yesware, Rapportive and others are all supported by Gmail for Mac.

That’s not all as there are lot of more details available for the desktop client and how it works. You can check out all the details about the application by referring its Kickstarter campaign.

Pre-Order it Now:

Gmail desktop client has successfully been funded but it is not yet available to download from the app store. However there’s no word as to when the app will be available as a desktop client for computers running Windows OS. But till then Mac users can rejoice and get an early-bird access and pre-order the app at a 50% discount.

Pre-Order Gmail for Mac

If you own a Mac, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air then you do need to get Gmail for Mac. Let us know what you think about the desktop client and if you are going to get a copy for yourself!

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