Google crys publicly !

Google crys publicly !

Google has put up some really big allegations on Bing (Search Engine from Microsoft) that suggests that Bing Search is closely analyzing Google’s Search results for various terms and then modifying their own search engine using that data.

Google is not very happy with this strategy adopted by Bing. Search results must be developed on a series of different parameters like keyword relevancy etc.


Google has a unique and very effective mechanism to search WebPages and list them in order of relevancy and according to Google Bing is just arranging their search results using Google’s parameters.

Copying is definitely no innovation; Bing should have developed their own algorithm to judge different WebPages for their search results.

Google has awarded websites page rank for different keyword which an innovative way to prioritize website relevancy.

“I’ve spent my career in pursuit of a good search engine,” says Amit Singhal, a Google Fellow who works at Google’s Innovative Search Algorithm team. “I’ve got no problem with a competitor developing an innovative algorithm. But copying is not innovation, in my book.”

This might sound a little shocking to you but Bing doesn’t deny that their relevant listing is based on the Algorithm developed by Google. Stefan Weitz, director of Microsoft’s Bing search engine seems to agree with the ‘Google Experiment’.

Google must have known about this for a long time because Google has been analyzing this data for more than a year now with different keywords and at different times.

The fact of the matter is if Bing is using the same search algorithm as Google then what is the point of having 2 separate search engines? See if I want to search about a particular keyword don’t you think it would be utter nonsense to use Bing as well Google and get precisely the same results.

I don’t buy this idea of Bing. Both Search Engines have some flaws in their Search Algorithm because you can’t know what users really want to get out of the search.

Although Bing is not doing anything illegal unless Google is able to come up with evidences that could suggest that their webpage order is mimicked from Google completely so we would just have to wait what both parties have to say on this issue further.

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