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Google, the search giant released the specs of the much awaited Google Glass. Google Glass is a spectacle which which allow you to do a bunch of different tasks like take photographs, use GPS etc just by wearing it. It requires no physical touch to control the glasses. The device has two adjustable nose pads and a strong frame that would fit into most people head. It will also comes with extra nosepads.

The devices features a HD display, which is similar to a 25-inch high definition screen from eight feet away. It has a 5 MP camera which will allow you to take pictures and shoot videos on 720p. It has connectivity options like WiFi and Bluetooth. Make sure to check your wireless internet plans.

Talking about the battery life, it is said that the Google Glasses would last for a day of normal use. Apps like Google Hangouts or video recording would require extra battery juice to run which might decrease the battery life. Since its a very small device, packing a big battery is out of the option. The device will be shipped with micro USB cable and charger.

It has a 16 GB onboard memory of which 12 GB is usable, customers also will be able to sync their data to Google Drive. The MyGlass app, which allows Glass users to control their specs will require Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich or higher

For audio, Google has introduced a new concept called the bone conduction transducer which will send audio signals by vibrating your bone. Don’t worry, its not something dangerous to worry about.

The first set of Google Glasses will go to developers. Developers will develop apps specially for the Google Glasses. Developers have been told not to use advertisements in their apps as ads will occupy unnecessary space in the vision decreasing the available space.

Google Glass

Google Glasses will not disturb your vision but will be like a augmented display which you can ignore while pertinent data is being displayed. The GUI is very transparent and won’t really obstruct your vision. Google Glass if successful would change the way how we perceive reality. You will be able to find your way to the nearest restaurant with the GPS system, you can take pictures and videos while you walk without interfering in what you are doing. You will be able to browse through your SMS and other messages without holding any device. Your world will become just like sci-fi movie.

Google hasn’t said much about the pricing about the Glasses. They said that Google Glasses won’t be sold for $1500. It will be priced less than that but more than a smartphone these days. So we can assume that the Google Glasses will be sold for a price around $1000. Too high a price won’t make this device successful.

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