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Gmail is one email service I follow the most! Not because it’s from Google but because it gives you the best and fastest way not only to communicate but  also the level of personalization it offers. If you have heard of Gmail Labs then you know what I am talking about.. Continuing the cycle, Google has started to roll out “Gmail People Widget” which seems to be an effective widget for busy life.

Gmail takes care of what’s important and what’s not with its Priority Inbox feature, but now Gmail will even take care of people you communicate with its People Widget. Here’s “People Widget” in Google’s own Language:

We think it can be helpful to view relevant information in context, which is why over the next two weeks we’re rolling out a new people widget located on the right hand side of your messages. The people widget surfaces content from friends, family and colleagues that is already available to you but may be hard to find and makes it easier to connect with them.

people widgetPeople Widget appears on the right hand side of the screen as soon as you open a Mail. It will show all the People who have a mention in the Mail along with there current online status, profile pic and information. You can get more options when you click on a particular person shown as below:

People Individual ProfileAs you can see in the above screen shot – When clicked on “Maria Khomenko’s” profile it shows 4 buttons viz. Chat, Email, Call and More. Along with the 4 buttons, it will as well display the most recent mail from that person and the conversation held between you and him/her this month will also be displayed under “Mail from this month” section. “Calendar and Availability” and “Docs from this month” are also a part of People Widget.. People Widget even offers “Chat lobby”: Kind of group chat which is again a useful feature for business as well as personal purposes.

People Chat LobbyGoogle is rolling out this feature to all its users and if you still do not see it, you will within next couple of weeks! Again it’s a step forward by Google to improve User’s Experience in this fast changing and busy world. A very helpful and productive widget with great features to cut time and effort made in conversations.

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