Google Launches Inbox By Gmail, A New E-Mail App

Google Launches Inbox By Gmail, A New E-Mail App

With the Nexus 6, Nexus 9 and Android 5.0 Lollipop introduced by Google less than a week ago, all the Google fanboys out there are really excited and have something to boast about. Google has just added to their happiness and excitement by bringing out a new emailing service named Inbox.

This new app has been brought out by the Gmail team and utilizes the data from your Gmail account to make your emailing experience smoother and better for you. The app’s main task is to “Focus on what really matters” and make emailing much easier for you. Here are some of the main features that have made their debut on the Inbox:


One interesting feature about the Inbox is not only that it categorizes mails, you can also change the way it categorizes mails and program it to do so according to your choice, making the experience even easier. This also means you will not be seeing the category tab anymore and instead of them, there will be the all new bundles if you use the Inbox.


Snooze Reminders And Email

Another useful feature that makes its debut in the Inbox is the ability to snooze mails and reminders and not only that, you can schedule for them to ring or buzz on your smartphone at a later time. This feature also lets you choose your desired place like your home or your workplace where the emails and reminders that have been snoozed will ring up once your reach there.



The Inbox comes loaded with features and we have a couple more to mention, one of them being what Google calls Assists. This feature simply displays the tiny-bit of information that are not displayed by default in the email or the reminder. For example, if you set a reminder to call a plumber and mention his name, Assists will do the task of finding the number of the plumber for you to display along with the reminder along with information like whether he’d be open that time or not. Highlight also finds a very important use in emails like displaying information that isn’t originally in it like the flight time with emails confirming your flight ticket. In simple words, it assists you with your routine.



Another feature on the Inbox is the Highlight which simply does the task of highlighting all the important stuff that is in the email and stacks it up. Important information like phone numbers are stored in your directory for you to reach out when you need them.

This new service by Google seems pretty interesting and useful before we have even tried it and unfortunately, we won’t be trying it for some time as it is an invite-only service. So you’ll have to wait till someone sends you an invite or send an email at and beg for an invite.

In the meantime, you can watch this video of the Inbox from Google. Stay tuned for more updates.


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