Google Nexus 5 – Probable Specifications and Concepts

After the huge success of the Google’s Nexus 4 built by LG, Google could soon release the next version of Nexus 4 which might be called the Nexus 5. Nexus 5 would be a insanely powerful phone with full HD display.  The Nexus 4 could be released with the new version of Android dubbed as the Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie in the next I/O of Google.

nexus 5

It is being rumored that Google might collaborate with Nikon and introduce a different kind of camera into the Nexus 5. Since camera on a smartphone has been a important factor in the success of a smartphone, Google might be willing for a better camera into its Nexus 5. The camera will be able to self adjust its settings much like the point and shoot cameras and provide excellent results. The camera also might have a sensor to handle images taken in low light. The camera would use information from various sensor like GPS and others to adjust the ISO levels and other settings for the best picture quality possible.


Coming to the other hardware specifications, the Nexus 5 might use a Snapdragon 800 or Nvidia Tegra 4 processor for the heart of the device. The RAM of the device might be increased to 3 GB. As this is going to be a camera centric phone, the rear camera might be of 16 MP and front camera might be of 3 MP. To make the device last longer, Google might add a 3300 mAh battery. Google might release this with wireless charging capabilities. The device might come in 3 variants, a 16 GB model, 32GB and 64GB respectively.

Here are the top specifications of the Nexus 5.

  • Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie
  • 5″ FULL HD Display 1920 x 1280
  • Snapdragon 800 or Nvidia Tegra 4
  • 3 GB RAM
  • 16 MP Primary Camera
  • 3 MP Secondary Camera
  • 3300 mAh Battery
  • 16/32/64 GB Internal Storage
  • Gesture Control

The Nexus 5 should be priced less that $400 as Google has always released better products at a much lesser price than other phone makers. This sort of pricing will help Google a lot. Stay tuned to TheGeekDaily and we will let you know about any official announcements from Google regarding Nexus 5. Also let us know your dream specifications of the Nexus 5.

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  • April 10, 2013 at 11:48 pm

    Google Nexus + Nikon = Great Combination…!
    Seriously looking forward to it…!


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