Android Jelly Bean

C for Cupcake,D for donut,E for eclair,F for froyo,G for gingerbread,I for Ice cream sandwich,this is not modern Alphabetic rhymes,these are name of Android versions released by Google.Accidentally Google yesterday released the Next version name (which was unconfirmed earlier) before the actual Keynote conference which is going to be held on 27th of this month.

As expected the name of the new version is Jelly Bean and will carry version number 4.1.This was brought into light by XDA forum,when a member took snapshot while comparing products,it was stated that the nexus will be preloaded with the next version of android 4.1 Jelly bean.



Additionally, there’s also an image showing just a bite of the visual changes present in Jelly Bean. That’s a new wallpaper and a visually refreshed Google search bar on the homescreen. The picture is of low resolution, but still the changes are somewhat visible.
This leak further confirms that Jelly Bean will be a minor update to Ice Cream Sandwich and we should expect  Lime Pie to be Android 5.0 .? There’s no doubt then that Google will show Jelly Bean in action at the Google I/O Conference on June 27.Hours after this leak came to light,google removed the text from the content.
What do you Expect from Jelly Bean update?? To know more wait until June 27.
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