logoDo you want to protect your Google Account with some extra security? If yes, then 2-step verification is your answer. Your Google account holds your personal information which you don’t want to stolen. What 2-step verification does is that it protects your account from getting hacked. If you have 2-step verification enabled in your Google account, then every time you sign in to your account, Google will send you a code via text or voice message which you have to fill in to complete the sign in process. Here is a set of complete step by step tutorials for Google’s 2-Step Verification.

Table Of Content

  1. Setup 2-Step Verification on your Google Account
  2. Manage Application Specific Password
  3. Google Authenticator: Mobile application to Generate Codes
  4. Backup Codes

Setup 2-Step Verification for Your Google Account

Step 1: Sign in to your “Google Account.Google signed inStep 2: Click on the “Account” link on the top right corner. Account link for google userStep 3: Click on the “Security” tab on a screen like this. Security tab of google accountStep 4: Click on the “Edit” button against 2-Step Verification.2-step verification status changningStep 5: Enter your “Password” and click on “Verify” button.google account verifiactionStep 6: Scroll down the page and click on “See how it works!” button.home screen of google 2-step verificationStep 7: Click on “Start Setup button.start setup for 2-step verificationStep 8: Click “Receive codes by message (SMS) or voice” link.sms or voice link for 2-step verification Step 9: Enter your “Mobile Number”, select an appropriate way to get codes and the click on “Send Code” button.
(It is better to use mobile number instead of land-line or Google voice number)mobile no selection for 2-step verificationYou will receive a code on your mobile via a SMS or voice call.
Step 10: Enter the code received on your mobile and click on “Verify” button.verify phone number for 2-setp verificationStep 11: Check the “Trust this computer” box and click “Next” button.
(Checking the box will make this PC trusted and Google will not ask for 2-step verification code for next 30-days on this PC)making a pc trusted for 2-step verificationStep 12: Click on the “Confirm” button to activate 2-step verification.confirming activation of 2-step verificationStep 13: Sign in to your account by entering “Password” and then clicking “Sign in” button.sign in to google accountYou have successfully setup 2-step verification for your Google account.

Manage Application-Specific Passwords

After you have successfully activated 2-step verification on your Google account, you will not able to use your account password on applications like Outlook, Thunderbird, Google Drive, desktop Picasa, e.t.c. For these applications to work, you will need an Application-specific passwords in the password field instead of your account password. An Application-specific passwords is a special password linked to your account which can get access to your Google account via a desktop or mobile application.

How to Create and Use An Application-Specific Passwords

Step 1: Sign in to Google Account and go to Google SMS Authentication.
Step 2: Scroll down, click on “Manage application-specific passwords” link and “verify” your account.link to manage application specific passwordStep 3: Enter the name for your application-specific password and click on “Generate Password” button. name for application-specific passwordStep 4: Copy your application-specific password and click on “Done” button.application specific passwordStep 5: Use “application-specific password” instead of account password on your desktop or mobile application.

You have successfully creates an application-specific password to use with Google desktop or mobile applications.

Google Authenticator: Mobile Application to Generate 2-Step Verification Code

Google Authenticator is a smart phone application for Android, iPhone and BlackBerry which generates 2-step verification codes on your phone. If you have enabled 2-step verification on your account and you don’t have network coverage, then you will not be able to sign in to your account. This is when Google Authenticator comes in to play. Google Authenticator generates 2-Step verification code even in airplane mode. You can even set this application as default (for code generation) if you don’t like to get calls or texts.

How to Setup Google Authenticator

Step 1: Go to your application’s market and download “Google Authenticator”.
Step 2: Sign in to “Google Account” via a PC and go to Google SMS Authentication.
Step 3: Select your “Smart Phone”.
(Like if you have android, click on android)google authenticator setup for 2-step verificationStep 4: Click on “Can’t Scan the barcode?” link on a screen like this.You will get a “Secret Key” to enter in Google Authenticator Mobile App.
Step 5: Open the “Google Authenticator” on your smart phone and click on “Manually Add Account” button.Google authenticator mobile appStep 6: Enter your “email-id”, “Secret Key”, select “Time Based” and click on “Save” button.google authenticator mobile appAs you click on “Save” button, you will get a verification code.
Step 7: Enter “verification code” on the desktop web site and click on “Verify” button.verificationStep 8: Click on “Save” button.

You have successfully enable Google Authenticator on your smart phone.

Backup Codes

Backup codes are used when you don’t have access to your mobile phone or Google Authenticator. If you don’t have mobile phone to get a 2-step verification code, then Backup Code is the only way to sign in to your account. You can get a hard copy of them by printing or save them as a .txt file in a safe place on your computer. Also, you can use a backup code only once.

How to Get Backup Codes

Step 1: Sign in to “Google Account via a PC and go to Google SMS Authentication.
Step 2: Click on “Show backup codes” link.
(A new window with your backup codes will appear)link for backup codesStep 3: Click on “Print” or “Save as text File” button as per your choice.backup codes for google accountNote: If you have used all your backup codes, then you need to Generate new codes.

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